Posted by: lucylastic | April 4, 2007

How can it be almost Easter?

I’ve been spending some time reading blogs written by colleagues, friends and all sorts of people I have never met (nor am ever likely to)!  Something inside me is driving me to write this – maybe that long thwarted desire to ‘write a novel’, (I started, it was dire, enough said I think).  Maybe it’s that Spring turns our thoughts to new beginnings and the prospect of long evenings and Pimms and Champagne in the garden – I know I long to re-create some of the fantastic get-togethers I hosted last year with friends and family in aid of anything at all – my birthday; the fact that it was Friday; my son’s birthday; just fancied a BBQ; May Day; my impending wedding; anything really.  And I’m jolly lucky to have an absolutely brilliant group of friends and colleagues who are usually game to join me!

But back to the point of today’s post – how can it be nearly Easter?  It seems as though Christmas and New Year were only a few days ago and actually it’s only a couple of months until I celebrate my first wedding anniversary, (finally, to the most wonderful man in the world, but I digress….).  But hey – wake up call – 25 years too late – THIS is the thing that nobody tells you when you are a child – savour EVERY day, however ‘boring’ it seems at the time, because one day, not very far into the future, the time will run so quickly that all the seasons blur into one, the days feels like minutes, (never mind hours) and your youth has disappeared for ever!!!!  Actually, I do recall at least one ‘grown up’ telling me that my childhood days were the best days of my life – and I’m pretty sure I didn’t buy it as an argument at the time – Oscar Wilde, you were so, so right – youth is forever wasted on the young!

I also can’t believe I’m going to be 45 before very long – surely 45 is the age my mother is?  And she’s the one I think of as ‘old’, but no, it’s my turn all of a sudden and I wonder where it has all gone.  That’s not to say there hasn’t been quite a bit packed in there – a very long battle against the nuns at school; some great jobs AND some great locations to go with them – Singapore, Munich, Moscow; white weddings, (more than one I admit), children, fun, fun, fun and quite a few glasses of the sparkly stuff!!!!  At a recent get together Chez Moi, a good friend asked if I’d ever thought about an epitaph, (I hadn’t), but within a very short space of time I’d come up with something that made reference to having had a few glasses in my lifetime.  Funnily enough, a number of other friends had thoughts along very similar lines – not sure if that’s really how I want to be remembered.  Might be a bit too late to change perception now though.

Anyway – it is nearly Easter, I am not in the slightest way ready for it, in fact am more focused on getting loads of little obb-jobs out of the way at home – and in fact, stopping for Easter will get in the way of that, (more on this next time I think).  So, I guess I’ll just ‘do’ Easter and move on to the next thing – maybe this is where the time goes – always focusing on the next thing, not on the present?  I am conscious that I don’t want to whine away like a sad and embittered old crone – there’s a bit of life and cheer in me yet I feel sure!  Moving on then……………

In the spirit of true plagiarism, I have decided that the idea of including 3 things you like, don’t like, have observed or whatever, is quite a nice feature to occasionally include in my Blog – so here goes:

 1. Veuve Cliquot – it always makes me smile and reminisce

2. My friends – lovely, lovely, lovely and so very supportive to me and my family

3. ER – the only program I actually make an effort to watch – it brings a tear every week, (yes, I know – sad but true).

Hasta luego for now! 



  1. I like the Blog is so you:)… keep it going and write that novel, I sure will buy it.

  2. Lucy – where is this house you so want to buy? Intriging…….Anyway it’s half time in the Roma v Man U so I’d better get back!

    Lurve Cheryl

    PS love the blog by the way!

  3. Hello Lucy

    very interesting, i am reading with interest maybe there is more to life than we think?

    yes we should always live for the present as tommorow always comes around to soon…

    keep up the good work.. and it is nice to see you have your loyal group of friends and family.. 🙂 (the joys of kids ? haha)

    An avid Fan


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