Posted by: lucylastic | April 10, 2007

Oh well, roll on the summer holidays………..

So here we are, back at work already, the ‘Easter that was upon us before Christmas had finished’, has also been consigned to history for 2007 with only another pound or two on the hips as a reminder!  I do love chocolate though – it just can’t be helped. I just have to tell you about a house we have seen for sale………those who know me are very aware that for the last 2 years I have lived through many a building nightmare and in fact, the redecoration work is not even finished,  But undeterred, I’ve already been feeling that ‘itchy feet’ sensation that always seems to drive me towards another move or another job or some sort of other challenge – but it only found an outlet in the last few days.  It wasn’t as if I was seriously thinking about changing houses (yet) – but I just happened to drive down a road that I used to travel daily and lo and behold, ‘my’ house, (as in the one I always thought looked nicer than the one I already lived in), has suddenly acquired a nice, shiny For Sale board, visible to all-comers for miles around.  It’s a very nice house – Victorian, semi-detached, quite large and with much of the modernisation work already completed – hmmm, sounds a bit like my existing place – BUT, and I’m a big believer in BUT – LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION.  It’s so important as a concept that they have even named a television program after it!  So yes, now I am getting my house valued and we hope we may find a buyer who wants our place so we can move to another place about half a mile away.  Que sera sera.  But as one of my friends said, “that is so like you, Lucy”.  And I thought I was anything but predictable. 

What do you make of all this hoo ha about the rescued/released marines and sailors?  The news that they were being allowed to sell their stories was gobsmacking enough – but to have it so hastily followed by the news that this permission is being withdrawn for any future members of our armed forces who have the misfortune to fall/be taken into unauthorised custody makes the whole thing a complete laughing stock.  What about the Official Secrets Act?  Doesn’t anyone joining up still have to sign it?  ‘What will the Iranians think’, the media says?  Does anyone care what the Iranians think?  Rather, what about all the other soldiers, sailors, air people, marines, members of the SAS and other assorted military branches?  What do they think?  To me, that’s the bigger question.  I am sure they will be utterly horrified – it seems to me like a huge betrayal and must certainly undermine our overall position and the confidence level amongst those who are on the ground, fighting in very difficult circumstances.  I have close family in the forces and there are at least 4 generations of military tradition on my father’s side of the family – somehow this doesn’t seem to fit the bill of serving Queen and country……….. 

On a completely different note, now that the warmer weather has showed it’s face for a few consecutive days, I once again wish I had a car with some sort of soft top – the idea of the wind in my hair and pootling around the country lanes in a jaunty little motor has always appealed, but I have never managed to do anything about it.  Many years ago, a friend bought a Mazda MX5, (when they were first launched on the market) and I have never forgotten the sheer joy of whizzing along to a country pub and pulling up with a satisfying crunch of tyres on gravel.  Just never, ever leave the top down – the most beautiful of evenings can turn in an instant weather-wise in this country and by the time we realised it was pouring with rain, (windows not visible from our snug booth inside), the interior was sodden and the ride home wasn’t half so jaunty!!!  There’s no fun in a wet bum, I can tell you!!! 

3 more things I have noticed recently – 1. already there is a field of bright yellow rape seed visible from my office window; 2. my son, recovering from a mystery virus and a very unexpected hospitalisation, is clearly on the mend – he decided to make a cake and left all the dirty pots, pans and dishes in the sink………and the cake mixture all over the kitchen!  3. No one seems to say ‘hello’ to strangers any more – a walk on Sunday yielded one surprised ‘oh hello’ and a few grunts to my cheerful ‘hello there, lovely day’ type greetings.



  1. Hi Lucy,

    Man, you sure have a lot of time on your hands! Hope all is well, I’ll write a longer mail to you separately. Sounds like you are getting ready for Summer….


  2. Hi lucy,

    glad to hear your son is on the mend 🙂 although he should still know that pots and pans don’t clean them selves!

    yes the armed foces is a strange thing these days… ahh well if the war is over soon we can all return to letting america opress the world….

    it seems a shame that those that give up choclate for lent just pig out after easter.. but ahh well.. some lessons never get learnt!

    whizzing through the country side is always fun! espeically if you have the wind in your hair! ahh well.. maybe someday again? or maybe see if a kind friend may let you out for a spin in a soft top (just put the top up if you stop!)

    anyway it is getting late and my tasks wont do them selves…


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