Posted by: lucylastic | April 12, 2007

Kurt Vonnegut has died and other stuff

I have to admit that I haven’t given Kurt Vonnegut a thought in ages – but saw today that he had died, aged 84 – I’ve only read a couple of his books, the first and for me, most vivid in it’s effect on me was Slaughterhouse 5 – based on the bombing of Dresden and which I have only just realised was autobiographical – at least insofar as he lived through it as a member of the US army – though with a German ancestry – which I imagine must have been extremely difficult.  I actively resisted reading Slaughterhouse 5 for a number of years because I found the title incrediby off-putting.  Little did I know the book contained a very powerful and moving story, one that stays with me way after many of the other books I have read have faded into distant memories.  Kurt was a very prolific writer and remained resolutely unaffected by politcial correctness and other modern fads – deliberately provoking the critics and refusing to churn out ‘pap’ on demand.  I shall raise a glass to your memory later Kurt.  RIP. 

For many years I was proud of my smile and my straight teeth, but an incident involving vodka, pickled herrings and a bathmat a few years ago, (I still blame my brother) 😉  left my front teeth irreparably damaged and I am now the very unhappy wearer of a bridge, (3 attempts at implanting having failed).  I only mention this because I came across one of those useless snippets of info – things that are good and bad for our teeth……….did you know that drinking tea after eating can help destroy the germs that cause cavities, gum disease, and phewy breath. That goes for both green and black teas.   No, neither did I!  More tea, vicar?  Also, I had no idea that bread, crackers, crisps, sweet rolls, and other refined carbohydrates are nearly as likely to cling to teeth as a Mars bar – and they hang on for at least 20 minutes. Not good.  Let’s get brushing folks!


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