Posted by: lucylastic | April 13, 2007

I’ll be your dog!!!!

Sometimes, late night TV yields up a gem or two – none more so than last night’s ‘Top 100 TV Ads’, I normally don’t like ‘Top 100 anything’ programs – mostly because I don’t watch that many films, can’t remember actor’s names, have no interest whatsoever in sporting heroes or makes of classic car or jumbo jets or whatever else it is they seem to feature in these shows.  But advertising is a whole different kettle of fish!!!!  I like to think of myself as some sort of competent marketeer and communications type person and have to confess for a weakness for the cheesy ads of the 1970’s and early 80’s when I was still a young thing!!!!!  The Cinzano ads with Leonard Rossiter and Joan Collins raised a few chuckles, and the divine (almost) Nick Kamen putting his 501’s in the washing machine made me smile too.  Sadly, one of my all time favourite ads didn’t make it into the Top 11, (the only bit of the show I actually watched, having been out gallivanting, or actually, in gallivanting, which is much more fun in my opinion) – can you guess what it is from the title of my blog?  “Kia Ora”, I hear you all cry!  Yes!  Years ago, (at least 25 I would say), there was an advert for Kia Ora Orange Squash that featured a set of animated characters strolling off into the jaunty sunshine and the catch-phrase – ‘it’s just for me and my dog………….I’ll be your dog!!!’  I loved it, and actually only ever bought Kia Ora orange juice for at least 10 years afterwards – powerful proof that there is always at least 1 gullible/irrational customer to be had!  Fascinating as all this is, the whole ‘I’ll be your dog’ memory digression has nothing whatsoever to do with advertising, but rather with something much more sinister – the ‘devoted friend’…………… 

How can a devoted friend be sinister?  I’ll tell you.  ‘Devoted friend’ moves into the realm of ‘sinister stalker’ the minute they say ‘I want to be just like you.  I want to do the things you do, have the friends you have and generally merge my life with yours’.  Now, you might be thrilled to hear this if the friend is someone with whom you are actively cultivating a deep and meaningful relationship AND are planning to do a ‘happy ever after’ with; but when that person is a platonic, same sex individual, who seems to be systematically alienating all your other friends and inviting themselves to anything from the opening of an envelope to a gala dinner for family only, you’re in trouble.  There’s such a fine line between admiration and envy.  Only one of them is a positive emotion.  But how easy is it to say “Devoted friend, you’re cramping my style.  Please back off a bit and give me some space”?  The consensus in the gallivanting room was that, in fact, given the personalities of those involved, not that easy at all really – and it might well end in tears.  Better tears now than a bunny on the stove in a few months, in my opinion.  Top tips for dealing with the situation ranged from ‘dump them by text’ to ‘move house’ to ‘appoint a social secretary/gatekeeper’ to ‘just tell them you don’t want to see them any more’.  Each has it’s merits, but almost certainly, none is right for the long-suffering individual concerned, who, (just in case you are wondering), is an absolutely lovely person and doesn’t deserve this sort of grief and just isn’t the type to say or do anything hurtful.  I wish I could tell you that we found a solution, but it’s still a work in progress.  I’ll keep you posted. 

I don’t know about you, but I don’t do much real gallivanting these days.  I travel quite a lot with my job, which gives me lots of opportunities to sample all sorts of restaurants and (very occasionally) nightclubs, but I am more often to be found in the company of wonderful hubby, friends and selected family. Dining at home is so much more relaxed, HUGELY better value for money, (I paid £6 for a glass of red wine the other day in a pub, £6!!!!!!  Unbelievable!!!!!   And it wasn’t even in London!!!!  You can buy 3 bottles of Rioja at Lidl for that – AND it’s good).   Sorry, I digress again……….. I just wanted to celebrate the fact that I am proud to be part of an elite gallivanting group!!!!  Once a month, I get together with a delightful group of ladies and enjoy fine food and even finer conversation – the like of which surely doesn’t exist anywhere else on this planet.  And one of the joys of being ‘ladies only’ is that some stories end with the immortal line ‘it was like chucking chipolatas down the M4’ and no one was offended……….  I bid you all a fabulous weekend!!!!!!!!



  1. interesting blog today Lucy. I think its always helpful to verbalise your worries, especially in the presence of other helpful souls who are packed full of advice! You’ve provided an objective account here- sure it will help. Friends eh?! who’d ‘ave ’em?

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