Posted by: lucylastic | April 18, 2007

Moscow Calling!

Once again I am lucky enough to be in Moscow for work.  I loved it from the first time I set foot in it, way, way back in 1993 – when it was a lot more lawless and scary than it is these days – or at least apparently so.  Back then, everything was out in the open it seemed, if you upset somebody, particularly the wrong somebody, you were likely to receive a bullet in the back from a speeding car, these days you are more likely to fall from a balcony in the building where you live – with no witnesses and no one prepared to do much about following it up with the authorities, (lest the same fate befall them).  I discovered recently that over 250 journalists and other commentators have died in mysterious circumstances in the last 3 years – that’s quite a lot when you start to think about it.  And of course, poor old Litvinienko’s high profile death from Polonium poisoning just a few months ago put some world spotlights on the situation, but ultimately, will change little I think.


I thought I had got my head around the whole issue of Russian business protocol, but it seems I have missed some of the finer points, (why doesn’t that surprise me).  Yesterday, I found myself at a meeting at the swish and trendy HQ of a local Moscow Radio Station with 4 people at our side of the table and another 4 on theirs.  It wasn’t clear what everyone’s role was, especially as this was really the meeting to talk about whether we thought it would be worth meeting to discuss projects of potentially mutual interest.  But when one of our side had to leave the meeting early, it was clear we’d made a faux pas.  Not long after, one of their side was passed a piece of paper and had to leave too.  Ah well.  Still, they are not without heart it seems – they have adopted a dog found abandoned in the street outside, cleaned him up, taken him to the vet and he now has the run of the radio station and has become their mascot.  He lives on the premises 24/7, being fed and walked by whoever is on duty.  Aah!


One of my son’s told me that I shouldn’t just blog for the sake of it – I should only blog when I have something to say.  Seeing as I have lived my whole life saying whatever came into my head without thinking much first, it seems a little late to adopt this new habit.  But, in the spirit of always trying to be a better person, today’s pearl of wisdom is: it doesn’t matter if you believe in God – he believes in you!  (Sorry son – you know who you are)!!!! 


Really – here are 3 things from Moscow – 1. Heavy traffic 24 hours a day – the roar is comforting at times – but where are they all going at 3.00am????  2. Charming men who open doors and buy roses for their wives on the way home and 3. Blinis and caviar, with Russian champagne – well, when in Rome……………….


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