Posted by: lucylastic | April 25, 2007

Boring, sycophantic, bland – just another day for the ‘quality’ press.

I readily admit that I am not a frequent reader of newspapers.  In fact, I rarely read a paper at all these days and a straw poll round the office shows that I am not alone.  I’m not averse to giving things a go though and took advantage of a free copy of the Daily Telegraph kindly handed out by Aeroflot last week, as I flew to Moscow.  I shouldn’t have bothered – pretty much everything it contained seemed to fall into one of the categories above – pages and pages of pointless speculation about Tony Blair that added nothing new to the debate, but filled column inches, (or is it measured in centimetres these days) and sent my eyes closing faster than a re-run of Only Fools and Horses.  Opinion pieces that were written in such toadying fashion that it was hard to believe they hadn’t almost been dictated by various members of the Royal Family, unspecified ‘royal sources’ and assorted hangers-on.  And then pages and pages and pages of cricket matches being played in far-flung places.  Strangely enough, the most interesting thing I have heard about with regard to cricket lately is the sad death of the Pakistani team coach – who died in mysterious circumstances in the Caribbean – as far as I know, his death is being treated as suspicious, but this incident didn’t seem to merit any update that I could find.  The thing that prompted me to even write about this is the fact that I can recall days, not very long ago, when papers were the principle source of information for the nation – no internet, not so many news programmes – and if you were a commuter, an ideal way to spend the journey and arrive at the office well informed about the day’s issues.  I suppose that the ready access to constantly updated information via the web means that papers don’t often get the chance of a scoop any more, but they seem to be evolving towards versions of ‘OK’ and ‘Hello’, rather than credible providers of important information. 

It’s bad enough that Prince William’s split from Kate Middleton merited so much attention here ‘at home’, but scanning a Russian version of ‘OK’ from last week, (my ability to decipher Cyrillic script has now improved to approximately two words a minute) I was amazed to see they had devoted 5 pages to it – including pictures going back to their first days at Uni.  Poor old Kate, it can’t have done her street cred any good to have been photographed carrying a Spar box out to her car.  She could have been snapped doing some shopping I suppose, but the pics certainly implied that she was carrying a few possessions out of Will’s room/house or wherever.  I wish them both well – it’s tough to split up whatever age you are, but to have to do it in the public eye must be awful.  Thank goodness I’m only rich, not famous!!!  (Not).


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