Posted by: lucylastic | April 26, 2007

Dashed hopes and the tattered remnants of a dream…..

Some of you may remember that I was hoping to get onto a TV show called ‘Eating with the Enemy’.  A sort of Masterchef for the common man (or woman), where contestants have to cook for 4 restaurant critics and, if judged successful, go through to a next round.  It all seemed to be going well – I filled in the incredibly long and detailed questionnaire, (designed to sort out the less committed wheat from chaff at an early stage I thought) and made up menus which I was sure would delight the most discerning critics.  Then, a glimmer of hope – a call to set up an interview!!!!  I was very excited indeed.  Then, the interview itself……..a full half hour of probing questions – ‘do you ever use ready-made sauces’, ‘what are you going to cook tonight’, ‘what would you say is your signature dish’, (getting tougher now – I thought only the likes of Angela Hartnett and Gordon Ramsay had ‘signature dishes’).  Then a discussion of my previous cookery experience – had I ever cooked professionally, (no), how had I demonstrated my interest in cookery to the wider world.  I mentioned my appearance on Ready, Steady, Cook!  Seemingly no problems.  I was asked if I would be available for personal interview at home and would I mind being filmed in my own kitchen – I was hopeful.  The researcher was charming and I got the definite impression I’d at least get an interview – but then – another call to say that my RSC appearance ‘in the last year’ made me ineligible – on the grounds that the target audience was similar……….obviously, they didn’t want to risk using ‘over-exposed’ contestants!!!  I was, and continue to be gutted!


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