Posted by: lucylastic | May 1, 2007

Friends and family!

Whoever coined the phrase ‘you can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family’ certainly knew what they were on about!  In general, I think my family are pretty cool – we don’t get together very often, but when we do, it’s usually a good time and it’s usually had by all.  There are a few notable exceptions – but the less said about those, the better!  Then of course there are the family you acquire on marriage – many of you will know that I only got married last year, so I am very much still full of that initial burst of ‘wedded bliss’ and rose tinted views abound.  Sadly though, there’s one member of my new family who is an absolute pain at any event that involves alcohol, (and they all do).  I am no teetotaller, but when it comes to reeling around, tripping over, breaking glassware and crockery and even worse, breaking confidences and boring others into submission, this person takes the biscuit.  The saddest bit of all is that the next day brings absolutely no recollection of 99% of anything said or done – which is pretty scary.  Many other family members are also really worried about the situation – but despite ‘caring chats’ and more exasperated exhortations, nothing seems to get through.  If you’ve ever dealt with anything similar and have any advice, I’d love to hear it.

I had a great chat with my very best friend last night.  She lives in Spain and I miss her so much – we used to see each other pretty much once a month when I lived in Spain too, but keeping up that sort of contact from a different country is pretty much impossible.  A phone call just isn’t the same. Nevertheless, we clocked up quite a few laughs, several long cackles, (a northern girl trait that takes years to develop properly) and covered ground that included the merits of our respective son’s joining the Army, (both are signed up and plan to enter in the autumn); parents, in-laws, death, neighbours, house moves, working remotely, husbands, children, grandchildren, (not me yet), clothes, fashion, (not me yet), birthdays, food, cooking, holidays and the relative price of living between UK and Spain!  On the basis that we can choose our fiends, I am so very privileged to have her as my ‘best’ one – the support, love and understanding that I have received over the years is immeasurable and goes way beyond most people’s limits when it comes to time, patience and just ‘being there’.  Thank you Ange!!!!!

Maybe my despondence is premature, but no one has come rushing along to make us an offer for our house – and it has been on the market for a whole 10 days!  I am worried that the house we have set our hearts on will be snapped up by someone ‘procedable’ (to coin an estate agent’s phrase) and we will miss out on the chance of a lovely property and the fun and games that are renovation work all over again.  When it comes to being gluttons for punishment, we are surely up there at the top of the list!  As someone who makes decisions pretty quickly, I can’t understand why everyone else isn’t the same.  Do the research – the internet is a brilliant tool for house-hunting – go and see it and make an offer.  Easy peasy!  Lemon squeezy!  Anyone interested in moving?????

3 more things I have noticed lately.  1. All the little sports cars with their tops down – I want one and I want it now!!!  2. The Horse chestnut trees in blossom all along the road – really beautiful and it reminds me of Munich where they are traditionally found in beer gardens – the shade they provide keeps the beer and the drinkers cool in the summer heat.  3. Loads of ladybirds – very early for them, surely?



  1. The horse chestnut trees certainly do look beautiful now….is it me or have there always been pink ones?! The ones in Munich seem to have a wonderful fragrance, a bit like marzipan, which I’m not sure the UK trees have.

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