Posted by: lucylastic | May 10, 2007

A very busy week so far – and it’s still only Thursday!

Just had a very frustrating experience at the hospital – waited an hour beyond our appointed time only to be ushered into the consultant’s office and told that ‘there isn’t anything to tell you, really – they should have waited a few weeks more before getting you in’.  This would have been bad enough if it was just me, but in fact, the appointment in question was for my son – 17 years old and very much wanting to be given an ‘all clear’ after a sudden, unexpected and (still) unexplained brain swelling which saw him hospitalised a few weeks ago.  And never mind us – what about all the wasted time – mine, his, the consultant’s, other patients – how difficult can it be to get appointment timing right?  And now more waiting of course – I realise there are lots of people out there with bigger problems and more pressing issues – but I would like to know that it was a one-off and won’t be happening again.  Please God.


Talking about God, one of the best chuckles I’ve had in ages came earlier in the week at our Confirmation rehearsal.  My husband is getting confirmed at the weekend – anyone within striking distance of Swindon is most welcome to come and support us – Sunday 13th May – 10.30am Christ Church, Old Town – and those involved, (I’m being ‘renewed’ hence my presence) assembled for a rehearsal last Tuesday evening.  I will admit I am a bit of an organiser – but I did resist the urge to interfere for almost an hour – in the end, I could stand it no longer……….it seemed remarkably simple to me – if you’re getting confirmed, go up to the front, kneel down, be confirmed, get a candle, return to your seat.  If you’re being ‘renewed’, go up to the front, kneel down, be blessed, get a candle, return to your seat – simple, effective and we can all be at the local pub celebrating by Noon.  But no, and here – I must interrupt even myself to share a delightful new collective noun with you all – a “prevarication of vicars” – the prevarication, discussion, challenges and general dithering amongst the 4 vicars present, (Anglican, United Reformed, Methodist represented by Church of North India and someone of unspecified denomination who was ‘standing in for the Bishop’) brought tears to my eyes.  A view shared by at least a few others of the assembled ‘confirmees’ if the follow-up conversations I’ve had are anything to go by!  Icing on the cake at 8.30pm was the wag that put up his hand and said ‘I’m a bit confused to be honest, could we just run through it again…..’.  The stampede of feet towards the door and a much needed glass of wine were deafening.  Roll on Sunday – I am sure it’ll be ‘alright on the night’.


The change in weather has brought 3 more things I’ve noticed.  1. A fantastic smell of freshness and growth and nature, 2. Not nearly so many sporty little cars with their tops down and 3. An excuse for a real fire and lots of lamps again – very cosy.


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