Posted by: lucylastic | May 14, 2007

Wet, wet, wet!!!

Wet, wet, wet!  No, not Marty Pellow, the weather – I haven’t seen so much rain for ages – have you?  Still – what an absolutely action-packed weekend it was.  Just so much happening and not enough time to even write about it afterwards!  Friday night saw us reluctantly venturing out into the rain, (only to get as far as the car, but even so, we got rather wet).  Then a swift drive down the M4 to Chippenham – only 17 and half miles distant according to the AA RoutePlanner – but basking in glorious sunshine and a truly perfect blue-skyed evening – at least until about 10.00pm, when the rain made it’s presence known there as well.  Fortunately, we were undercover most of the time, but as I am a smoker, I had to go outside and indulge my anti-social habit in the back yard.  I still can’t believe that the vast majority of pubs, clubs and other watering holes aren’t going to go bust when they stop the smokers entering……..I know a few who have gone ‘smoke free’ already and they seem much emptier than before – that can’t be good for profits.

Saturday morning saw me up bright and early for an appointment at the hairdressers – tatty doesn’t begin to describe it – and I realised that it was last cut BEFORE CHRISTMAS!  How can that be?  Anyway, no matter.  So, one lovely haircut later, the sun went in and yet again I made a mad dash to a car and ended up looking more ratty than tatty, but still not the effect I had been hoping to create for our night out in the BIG SMOKE.

It’s not often I travel to London for pleasure – but I make an exception when it comes to shows – I do have a penchant for light opera, popular musicals and ‘classics’ into which the sumptuously staged ‘Phantom of the Opera’ surely falls.  I have seen it before, (once on Broadway, thrice before in the West End and also one truly dire production in Munich) but this was the best ever!  There’s a new director and the whole cast has been overhauled, smartened up and the story lines tightened up – resulting in a brilliantly tragic performance that had me crying unashamedly as the final curtain came down!  Excellent, fantastic and totally wunderbar.  The pre-show meal at Wagamama was superbly cooked, the interval champagne was outrageously priced – but who cares – it was a real occasion and will stay in my mind forever.  As will the rain – which started falling in time with the curtain apparently, and drenched us as we ran, (ish) back to the car………..3 times in 2 days – and the weekend only half over!!

I am determined to tell you about Sunday too, (I am sure you’re on tenterhooks) but must sign off for the moment.  Toodlepip for now.


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