Posted by: lucylastic | May 23, 2007

Bring on the BBQ, it’s summer! Really!

It seems I have been seeing a lot of performances lately.  Last weekend saw me at The Swindon Arts Centre, enjoying very much the stand-up comedienne, Lucy Porter.  I had never heard of Lucy Porter before – but she is apparently well known on the fringe circuit and has been doing the rounds at smallish venues nationwide.  A quick visit to her web site, (see Blogroll) reveals a large, predominantly male, (she is incredibly cute) fan base and a whole tranch of people who obviously like their humour convoluted and delivered at very high speed.  The rants, rambles and audience interaction were well crafted and kept leading back to earlier themes and conversations.  The warm-up act, (his name escapes me at the moment) was lucky to have a vocal vicar in the front row, as well as a couple of other punters who didn’t mind participating.  I have seen some stand-up where it’s certain death to get picked on by ‘the act’, but here, the audience inclusion was funny without being humiliating or making cheap shots.  I approve.  Dressed as a carrot, Lucy Porter make a big impact from the start and used the props to fuel a series of funny stories covering everything from sponsorship to the (unsuccessful) search for a man to thoughts on life and death and her relationship with her mother.  Sadly, it was the penultimate night of the tour, so no chance to catch it again soon, but I am sure she’ll be back.

I’m not a huge barbecue fan, but the Jam Tarts, (my female food and drink chums) proved that just because we didn’t have a man present, we could still do it ourselves!  Luckily, Annie had already got the barbecue going before the rest of us arrived.  However, it was a gas fuelled one – I do think this is cheating a bit, surely?  It’s not a real BBQ if it runs on gas is it?  There is a gas appliance I am all in favour of though – the patio heater!  The best scientific minds were assembled to get it going – an engineer, a marketer, a person with a lighter, (no other qualifications necessary), a social worker – it should have been easy.  It must have been 10 minutes before we decided to read the instructions, (men, eat your hearts out), but sadly, they made little sense, the knob just didn’t want to turn anti-clockwise.  15 minutes more and a pilot light appeared – struggled manfully and then went out as soon as we let the knob go.  Frustrating.  Very.  Finally, with the aid of chairs and stools, (so we could actually see what was going on up there behind the mesh) it was accomplished.  Why is it that sometimes, just doing the same thing you have been doing for the last 30 minutes suddenly works?  Voila – let there be heat.  Unfortunately, the inclement weather and Arctic temperature meant we ran it at full blast and the gas bottle expired before we even reached dessert.  Still, great fun was had by all.  And the menu – what prowess – not a sausage or a burger in sight.  Delicious cream cheese, coriander and salsa dip was followed by hand made Polish style Lamb ‘kotleti’, spicy chicken skewers, delicious trout and a selection of slaws, salads and crusty bread that filled everyone up.  Not so much that they couldn’t enjoy the (my) piece de resistance though – a choice of dried fruits marinated in alcohol or fresh fruits marinated in (different) alcohol, cooked in foil on the barbie and served with a dollop of Greek yoghurt.  Yum.

Back in Moscow this week and 3 things already!  1. It’s summer here – 30 degrees and everyone out at the pavement cafes. 2. The smog of 4 million (at least) car and lorry exhausts which linger on the still air and 3. The Moskva river glittering in the evening sunshine and the onion domes of St Basil’s in Red Square in the background.  Love it!!!!!



  1. Hi Lucy – good to read about Lucy Porter because I didn’t know who she was either, and I saw that she was appearing in Swindon. The BBQ sounds delish.

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