Posted by: lucylastic | June 1, 2007

The world we live in – but are we happy with it?

Have we all just resigned ourselves to living in a world of madness and nonsense?  Not a day goes by without some totally insane pronouncement by ‘the government’ or some other body.  Normally, we all stop for a while, comment on how daft it is and move on.  I don’t think this enough!  I want to DO something – I want to fight back!  I am just not sure how to go about it.  I am NOT happy living in a country that has now decided that teachers in Primary Schools should no longer ask children to put their hands up to answer a question – as some children may be ‘affected’ by the fact that they are ignored!  What complete and utter tosh this is.  Getting children to put their hands up sorts out the wheat from the chaff pretty quickly, allows the keen to shine, allows the teacher to draw out the knowledgeable, but shy and helps to pinpoint those who aren’t paying attention or are in other ways disengaged.  Teachers have been instructed to use ‘other methods’ of engaging with children – singling them out by name for example.  What genius came up with this?  I want that job.


If teachers and ‘affected’ pupils aren’t bad enough, the local Swindon paper carried an article recently about the burglar who sued the local council after breaking into a school in the dark.  The poor burglar tripped over ‘an unidentified object – thought to be a discarded shoe’ and wrenched his knee.  The result?  Jail for the burglar?  No, a fine for the council for allowing ‘an environment likely to lead to injury’ and an instruction to leave lights on at all times of the day and night to avoid a similar occurrence in the future.  I’m sorry – but isn’t burglary still a crime?  And what about global warming, CO2 emissions, the size of the school electricity bill, the cost of replacement lightbulbs, light pollution and no doubt other things I haven’t mentioned?  I have to admit, I find it hard to empathise with the plight of the burglar – or to even imagine his way of thinking – you have to be a bold criminal indeed to decide to sue the very people you were trying to steal from in the first place.  Which also makes me wonder what he was hoping to steal?  I know some schools have expensively kitted out IT Labs and other facilities – but this particular school had already been deprived of these amenities at an earlier burglary and apparently the would-be burglar left empty handed. 

Top of the stupid hit parade this week though goes to all those retail outlets who wantonly discard perfectly good food at the end of each trading day.  I can’t remember now the exact figure that was quoted for how much food is wasted in the
UK each week – but it is phenomenal.  The matter is made worse by the short-sighted application of a ‘legally enforceable consumption instruction’ which retailers ignore at their peril.  The case I heard highlighted focused on a chain of well know sandwich bars – who have no choice but to discard any left-over sandwiches, wraps, subs and rolls at the end of every day.  They MUST be sold on the day of assembly and the chain could face prosecution if it tried to sell them the next day.  But why can’t it give them away?  There are many institutions – from churches to shelters to youth clubs that would be grateful for the left-overs, (not to mention individuals – but this might be harder to organise) – which were being sold just a few minutes earlier for up to £4 an item!  There are a group of people known as ‘Freegans’ who are making it their business to ‘liberate’ some of this discarded food – and the amount and quality of it is shocking – whole crates of fruit, flown in at great expense then chucked away; complete loaves of bread, tubs of expensive fillings – and this was just at one shop – this scene is replayed in every high street and shopping centre in every town, every day.  I don’t have an answer, but it really bothers me.  If you want to know more about Freegans – there is a web site –

Happy Weekend.


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