Posted by: lucylastic | June 4, 2007

Pause a while……….

I heard the Bishop of Reading on the radio this morning exhorting us to just ‘pause a while’ in order to substantially improve the quality of our lives.  The message he was trying to convey was extremely simple – we hardly ever take the time to stop once we are ‘wound up’ for the day – we get out of bed – the degree of enthusiasm varies with the task ahead – but once we are up, we steam on until it’s time to go back to bed again!  The Bishop suggests that just 3 minutes of ‘thinking time’, (he very carefully didn’t mention prayers particularly – which I thought was odd, being a Bishop and all) could help us focus more on what is truly important in our lives.  I do think he’s got a point – it’s very hard to get off the merry-go-round once it’s started – and setting a few minutes aside each day really can help to put things into perspective.  The ‘3 minute technique’ was recommended to me as a tactic to ‘dissolve stress and irritation’ and after my initial scepticism, I now find it surprisingly effective.  The best thing about it is it’s speed – three minutes is really all that it takes and you can do it at your desk, in the bathroom or just while taking a swift stroll through the corridors at work.  Whether you pray or not, I too urge you to give it a try – you just might be surprised.  All you need to do is ‘switch off’ from any problems and focus on ‘nice things’ for 3 minutes!  Easy!  On a slight tangent, the phrase ‘pause a while’ reminded me of a hymn we used to sing at school with the same title and the first lines ‘Pause a while, pause a while, in the humdrum of the city and behind the cloister wall, in the early morning and when shadows start to fall………..sadly, it’s not in the Anglican Hymnal at my Church, does anyone else remember it?

Following on from my post the other day, where I bemoaned the fact that the nanny state was really going too far in suggesting that children might feel ‘ignored’ if, after putting their hands-up, they weren’t actually selected to answer the question, 100% of all the people I have asked about the topic agree that is completely ridiculous.  Sadly, 0% of those I spoke to have any viable ideas of what on earth to do about it!  There seems to be a mindset amongst even the most vocal of my friends and colleagues that nothing we say or do will stop this tide of nonsense.  I hope that isn’t true and have pledged to be more proactive in making my feelings known in any way I can – be it voting, contacting my MP or whatever.  We all seem to have a ‘pet list’ of things the nanny state has interfered in far too much, but just seem content to lament it as a sign of the times.  It’s making me really cross – this feeling of impotence.  I can feel myself building up towards DOING something – watch this space!

There was one bit of good news today – have just heard from my brother that his car – which was stolen following a burglary at his home last weekend – was spotted in Peckham and the men driving it were arrested.  Even better, the police report that it is undamaged and that he can have it back in a day or so, (after ‘processing’, whatever that entails), let’s hope that the individuals driving it are the same ones who carried out the burglary and the two crimes can be linked back to them and his possessions recovered – if they haven’t already been sold on for a tiny percentage of their value.



  1. That’s a good issue to highlight Lucy and it is a puzzle to know where to go with this sort of thing. What makes me mad is when anything associated with England / Christianity is marginalized for fear of upsetting the rest of the country. For example: the Red Cross banned Christmas decorations; BA banned a staff member from wearing a cross. We should all co-exist peacefully and enjoy each other’s traditions without all this PC nonsense.

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