Posted by: lucylastic | June 12, 2007

In search of a thinner me – the easy way……..

There are a million ways to part a woman from her money – and I have tried most of them I think – but last week saw me trying out a new one – ‘contour body-sculpting’.  For the uninformed, (and I certainly was), this involves being wrapped, mummy-like, from neck to ankles in hot, algae and mud soaked, (i.e. dirty grey and a bit unsavoury looking) elastic bandages and then pulled into a silver romper suit, ‘to keep the heat in’.  I did suggest a photograph to my ‘beauty adviser’, as I knew that my husband would find it hilarious, but sadly no cameras were to hand and my mobile is so old it doesn’t even have a camera, but there’s another issue altogether.  Then you lie on a bed for an hour – reading, dozing, listening to music, getting bored, unable to move very much at all because of the bandages and waiting for…………….fanfare, tah de de dah!!!!    A huge, mind-blowing 13½ inches “lost” – and even better – guaranteed to stay “lost’ for at least 30 days.  Even better than that, one can have up to 3 treatments in 30 days to ‘maximise inch loss’ before you get ‘wrapped out’ and go on to a bi-monthly regime.  Feel free to check it out at  And no doubt, dear reader, you are wondering how I even managed to reach my car again – so thin have I become and with my clothes flapping loosely around my ankles – well, sorry to disappoint – but I didn’t actually FEEL any different – and my jury is still out on whether my clothes are really looser than before.  I’ll get back to you………still, if I lose the same amount each time, it’ll work out at just over £3.50 an inch – a bargain!!!!

It was our First Wedding Anniversary last weekend and we were lucky to celebrate it in fine style with an ‘at home’ invitation to our best friends.  It was a wonderful afternoon – flowing champers, good food – wonderful desserts and cheeses contributed by the guests took a lot of the preparation strain out of things – and best of all, good company – roll on next year and the year after that.  I can’t wait – and with my lovely husband to keep me company, I just know it’ll fly by.

Talking of flying, we are off on hols very soon – Sunday 17th – so it may be a couple of weeks before this blog gets updated again!!!!  Don’t lose heart – I won’t give up, just make a note in your calendar to check me out again towards the end of June!!!!  Caribbean here we come………………….yipeeeeee!



  1. Lucy,
    Now I am intrigued!! I think you forgot to mention this at the Tarts meeting the other night and what a fantastic topic of conversation that would have been!! As we are only 2 weeks off of hols ourselves 13 inches off of my vast expanse would be great……will I need to get a second mortgage out to have it done though???

  2. Julie – it costs around £130 for a course of three (I’ve had it done myself!) but you can get individual sessions for around £45?

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