Posted by: lucylastic | June 15, 2007

We’re all going on a Summer Holiday………

Just a quick line to say ‘au revoir’ before our hols and to tie-up a few loose ends from previous posts………

Firstly, a huge, great ‘respect’ to Jane, Julie & Rosemary and a heartfelt ‘good luck’ for their participation in Race for Life this coming Sunday at Lydiard Park in Swindon – may the sun shine on you a bit and may the ground be soft beneath your feet!!!!  You can read about Julie & Rosemary’s trials and tribulations on the way to fitness for this event on ‘In these shoes’ – linked in my Blogroll.

Some of you may remember that we put our house up for sale – specifically in the hope of buying our ‘dream home’ in a leafy street in another part of Old Town – sadly, we’ve just heard that someone has beaten us to it and contracts have been exchanged with these wanton house-snatchers, (not quite how the estate agent described them, but you know what I mean!  I am sad, maybe more for my lovely husband than for myself – he was very taken by this lovely ‘garage with house attached’ from the word go – obviously, it was not to be.  Still, on the upside, this leaves us free to focus on ‘complying with the planning permission’ for our recently completed kitchen extension – which we were informed had actually broken every planning law known to man, (or at least, to the man from the Council).  In the spirit of always looking for someone to blame, we felt our builder and architect were responsible – as what we know about building could be captured with room to spare on the proverbial postage stamp.  Council man was having none of this and wrote to tell us so in no uncertain terms – ‘as the householders, you are both culpable and responsible’.  That told us then.  I was going to point out his tautological sentence, but was advised against it as an opening negotiating gambit!

Luckily, one of my lovely husband’s many talents is the ability to deal with stroppy people and still get a happy ending.  Knowing that leaving me to deal with the bureaucracy of the Council planning department would almost certainly end in tears and very possibly in blows, he bravely volunteered to deal with Mr Jobsworth himself.  A meeting was convened at the site of the rule-breaking extension and the outcome was surprising, (to me at least).  We don’t have to pull it down, we don’t even have to alter the angle of the roof, nor do we have to re-build the external wall or change the roof lights as threatened at one point.  I consider us lucky to be left with having to re-roof it in some sort of dark material ‘more in keeping with the overall look of the house’ and bricking over a now disused doorway.  What’s more, pleasant builder will do the work at his own expense and architect will re-submit plans at no cost to us.  My lovely husband – I salute you!!!!!

On that note – I shall end and start to turn my mind to things holiday……….I still need to get a cozzie, (large, long, black) and a few toiletries and I am undergoing one more ‘mummy wrap’ in the morning in the hope of waking up a size 10 the day we depart!!!  A girl’s got to dream………..


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