Posted by: lucylastic | July 16, 2007

Oh no, we’re now a 3 adult household!!!!

I’m surely not the first parent to think that the baby they gave birth to will remain that baby forever.  But all of a sudden, my baby is grown up – legally at least – he reached the ripe old age of 18 last Saturday and we tried our very best to make it a day that he will remember fondly.  First off was a shiny new laptop – which brought lots of smiles from son and an unexpected brotherly gesture from younger, computer whizzier sibling who got out of bed especially early, (9.30am vs usual time of about 3.00pm) to set it all up for him.  Not only that, but sibling then went to town to purchase present and card in a very uncharacteristic gesture of friendliness, (OK, it was a bit 11th hour, (more like minus 11th hour, but I was quite touched).  Next on the agenda – a BBQ – a bit of a gamble taking the recent weather conditions into account, but we were blessed with a warm, dry day, a great array of tasty foods, (thank you Tesco’s finest) and a lovely group of friends and family who were all extremely generous to son and many of whom later accompanied him to the local hostelry, The Roaring Donkey, (brilliant name) in the evening.  If you’re not from Swindon, you probably won’t know it, but the Roaring Donkey is in a little side street, away from the main drag of ‘Old Town’ and from the outside at least, always looked to me like it contained 3 old men playing dominoes and a shaggy dog.  How wrong can a girl be?  The place was humming and heaving, with friendly staff and happy punters – I managed to inform almost the whole pub that I was the mother of this newly come-of-age man and they spontaneously broke into a very loud rendition of ‘Happy Birthday to You’, which embarrassed poor son no end.  The older generation, (in this case, anyone who was 19+) declined the invitation to ‘go clubbing in town’ and returned home, decided it would be a good idea to have Round 2 of the BBQ and fired up the coals again!!!!  The first rain of the day put paid to the lamb chops – but the oven was pressed into service and midnight snacks were enjoyed by all!!! 

Needless to say, Sunday was somewhat quieter, but we rallied for a late lunch and another bottle of wine before facing the working week again.  More soon


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