Posted by: lucylastic | July 23, 2007

Things to do in the rain………

If you are wondering what on earth to do with yourself while you are waiting for the rain to stop, I have a question for you.  Are you on Facebook yet?  Do you even know what Facebook is?  It’s a ‘social networking’ site – very silly, but strangely addictive and VERY, VERY time consuming.  My lovely husband can’t figure out how I can hold down a full time job and still find time to update my friends about the state of my hangover!  And I am playing Scrabble – even better, it remembers the game even if I log out – how cool is that?  There are bits to it I haven’t even explored yet – like Vampires and Zombies – have no clue what that is all about.  But time will tell I am sure.  And I can hook up with folks I have lost touch with in a way that isn’t as cringe making as Friends Reunited – which I always felt uncomfortable with.  Lots of these sites, like MySpace and Bebo, have a very young profile – Facebook works for all ages as you can create and join networks amongst peers, friends and colleagues that quickly tailor themselves to your individual circumstances – I particularly liked the Happy Hour invite I received on Friday night – a brilliant idea – and cheered me up no end as the rain thundered down! 

Bucking the trend is always nice and I have to admit to a very nice glow now that I am the owner, (well, almost) of a lovely, British Racing Green BMW Z3!!!!!  I have put a deposit on it and hope to pick it up this coming weekend!!!!  They say that a sunny day adds £1000 to the price of a cabriolet, equally, I think floods, torrential rain and weather more suitable to arks than sports cars see many selling up what was only a piece of whimsy for the summer.  I have had my eye on one of these tidy little cars for AGES and finally found one at an extremely fair price in lovely condition.  I can’t wait!!!!!!!! 

The rain seems to have sapped energy from everyone around me – so many folks are depressed and desperately trying to find bargain escapes away to the sun!  I must admit, my own Caribbean holiday seems like months, rather than weeks ago and I am starting to think that a little Autumn sunshine might be a necessity!  I think I’ll start looking as soon as I can tear myself away from Facebook 😉

3 things I have noticed.  1. The whole world and his dog seem to own British Racing Green Z3’s – or at least, they are all driving around Swindon in them.  2. it’s still raining.  3. I only have 3 nights to go before my own bit of sunshine in Sunny Spain – Alicante here I come!!!!!


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