Posted by: lucylastic | August 7, 2007

Round the world and back again

It’s been almost 2 weeks since I posted anything and I wonder if anyone has even noticed?  If you’re out there, please leave me a comment or feedback so I know you are reading!!!!  Well, what exciting things have I been doing I hear you ask?  I had a glorious short break in Spain with my bestest friend Ange – we always seem to have so much to talk about – even more so now that we don’t live close enough for monthly visits and the weather was just fabulous to boot – which was a real tonic coming right after THAT very wet weekend.  I used to live in Spain and every time I go back, I am reminded of what drew me there in the first place – the climate of course, but the scenery, way of life and very warm welcome that one always gets from the locals always hit me.  My friend Gail whose blog roll is listed alongside this post (A Curious Girl’s Guide to Life), was commenting just the other day on how depressing Britain is – it’s very much reinforced if you are lucky enough to get away from it for even a small time.  Just yesterday I had a really nice lunch with my parents, a visiting Uncle from Poland, my son and his girlfriend – the waitress who served us was extremely friendly and willing, but ‘Mein Host’ was glowering, short tempered and seemed more put out than anything that another 6 people had turned up expecting lunch!  The food was excellent – the best pub fare I’ve seen for a long time actually – but his attitude did nothing to encourage me to visit again – and at £75 for lunch and a single round of drinks, it wasn’t cheap.  But I digress. 

I spent all of last working week in Moscow – a wonderful city which I always find energising and fun – the weather was fine and warm – until it decided to rain on Friday – and ensured we returned home in the right frame of mind for the British weather.  If you’ve never been to Russia, I can recommend it – again, the people are friendly and welcoming – despite a number of years of business connections there, I don’t speak Russian, (other than ordering a beer and a taxi) and venturing out for lunch one day without a Russian colleague resulted in an entertaining encounter and lots of good will.  Myself and an English co-worker ended up in an Asian restaurant and had to resort to pointing at other diner’s food to get what we wanted.  The menu being solely in Russian – which is actually quite unusual in Moscow – didn’t give us many clues.  I managed to spot Miso Soup and ordered some, and I know the word for bread – so that was OK!  My colleague made a tour of other tables to see what he fancied from various people’s plates – a trifle embarrassing and an activity I refused to engage in, so just ended up having the same as him – which turned out to be a very good Beef Chow Mein and a rather soggy tempura.  Ah well!  But my main point is that no one got offended, lots of people tried to help us out and very willingly persevered in helping us with our order – and with the total bill coming it at just over a tenner, I can’t complain!  Our English bar and restaurant owners should take note!!!!! 

With all my overseas gallivanting, I only got the first opportunity last night to drive my BMW Z3.  It’s OK.  No, really, it’s OK – very OK actually and I can imagine, (if not really discern) that it’s bright shiny dark green bodywork is the envy of all I encounter.  And it goes quite fast too, faster than I have managed to drive given that all roads surrounding my house and my route to work seem to be being dug up at the moment.  I did do a little blast down the motorway, just for the fun of it and it makes a lovely noise.  The wind in the hair is great too, and lovely husband and I both had silly grins on our faces when we arrived home in it.  I like it!!!!



  1. I read 😛 and yes i was looking forward to the next installment of “lucy life” it’s always entertaining and nice to know what goes on inside ones head 😀

    ahh russia sounds great 😀 i shall try to find my way out there in the not so near future … ahh what else ? ohh yes of course 😛 spain, the ridiculously hot weather, the not so local locals, but still good times always had by all 🙂

    just the other day i was thinking and discussing (with friends i digress) about ways to improve the british goverment and ways to live , etc etc.. we did manage to notice that the world would be a much better place if i ruled it and no one else did, but moving on.

    a new car 😛 how very fancy ^_^ i’m very fond of fast vehicles 😛 wind in hair and all that 😀 ahh good times are sure to be had overtaking the less fortunate of this world 😛 but who knows 😀

    we should never forget there is a story behind everything

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