Posted by: lucylastic | August 8, 2007

When is no news good news?

Have I been watching too much CSI Las Vegas?  Or am I the only person who finds it very odd that the police are only now looking for traces of blood in the Portuguese apartment that was home to Madeleine McCann and her family over 3 months ago?  I do realise that life isn’t quite like it is on the telly, but with a missing child and suspected foul play, I would have thought that one of the very first pieces of equipment they brought out would have been the blue, glow in the dark machine that detects traces of blood which are not visible to the naked eye.  It seems that the police have confirmed the presence of blood, but still need to do DNA matching – I can’t help thinking that it doesn’t bode well.  Along with many others, I am praying for Madeleine and her family – but it seems that the prayers are going unheeded.  I wonder why God appears to be ignoring these pleas?  We are often told encouraging stories at church about how positive the power of prayer is – and there are indeed many stories that appear almost miraculous in nature and are attributed to the strength of prayers offered up – I find it hard to get my head around why this very good cause isn’t getting a look-in. The stories about possible sightings in Belgium must be heartbreaking for the family as well.  Even if the worst has happened to Madeleine, I think that as a parent, one would want to know for sure. 



  1. life is such a sad and precious thing…. i can’t raelly add alot here as by nature i’m quite cynical and pessimistic…..

    but you are right…. why don’t they have the fancy machines in there! but how long were the parents gone for if there was blood in the apartment ? did the assailant have time to clean up ? was it a lot ?

    so many different things …

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