Posted by: lucylastic | August 15, 2007

Fat? Yes – but what to do about it?

I have been overweight for such a large part of my life that I have forgotten what it’s like to be thin.  But I realised recently that I have put on about a stone since starting work at Dyson, How come?  Well – no more walking to work, (it’s too far away), certainly no exercise regime, (I hate gyms) and that’s just the easy bit!!!!  I really, really need to do something about it.  As I mused on my weight gain history, I realised that I have approached both my 30’s and 40’s vowing ‘not to be fat and thirty’ or ‘not to be fat and 40’ and failed at both.  The stone that I have put on is just sitting on top of some other stones that shouldn’t have been there in the first place.  Now that I am closer to being 50 than 40, (just by a few months), it would seem a good time to change my approach to life once and for all.  I wish I believed I have the confidence to do it.  Many of my colleagues ‘don’t drink on school nights’ – this riles me in 2 ways – firstly, I have a completely irrational dislike of the phrase ‘school nights’, who the hell invented that?  We certainly didn’t use it commonly just a few years ago.  Secondly, and more importantly, my will power is somewhere in the lowest part of the quadrant when it comes to measurement – and at best, I can last till about 9.00pm before giving in and opening a bottle.  I do make a point of sticking to sparkling wine most of the time, as it’s lower in calories than say, beer or cider, but the ‘wasted’ calorie count is massive!  A bottle of wine can easily equate to most of the daily allowance before any food has been consumed.  Food – now there’s another thing that riles me – I just love it so much!!!!!  I like to buy it, cook it, eat it – especially if I can share it with friends and I always have a well-stocked cupboard that offers any amount of temptation in the later hours of the evening.  I know the answer of course, but putting that into practice will take a mind-shift that I don’t think I’ve made yet.  Food without wine or wine without food?  I’ll keep you posted! 



  1. I will be watching with interest as I am at that similar age to you and although I have not suffered from excess weight all my life …. god dam it, it is starting now!!! I have resolved myself to no wine on a ‘school day’ (except if it has been a bad stressy day!!) I must say it is now a great treat ona Friday to crack open a fine white….

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