Posted by: lucylastic | August 29, 2007

Pants and wine – a winning combination!

Calling all men, I need advice!!!!  How on earth am I meant to choose between the merits of the ‘hipster boxer’, ‘loose fit boxer’, ‘3 Button boxer’, ‘Snug fit boxer’, A-Line boxer and goodness knows how many other variants?  The pictures on the packaging revealed little in the way of a clue – I’m not absolutely certain, but it seemed to be the same man on each pack and the boxers looked remarkable similar – with no discernible difference between snug, hipster or any other design.  A quick poll, (not statistically sound, I know, as it consisted of only 2 people – but they were the only men present when I asked the question) revealed 1 ‘going commando’ and 1 ‘boxers – ordinary ones’.  Not a lot of help.  On the subject of ‘going commando’ I find it remarkable that anyone would want to venture away from home without underwear, it just doesn’t bear thinking about in my mind, but, very surprisingly, my lovely husband often chooses to go ‘au naturel’ – he assures me it is both comfortable and hygienic.  I remain unconvinced.  For some reason, I always think of my old headmistress, Sister Mary Clare (Holt Hill Convent, Birkenhead) whenever the subject of ‘going commando’ arises, as the rumour at school was that the nuns were not allowed to wear underwear under their habits and we often speculated idly on the difficulties of visiting the bathroom in the long robes they wore back then.  Sister Mary Clare was one of the most prim and proper women you could ever meet, and in hindsight, the thought of her going without a sensible pair of pants is laughable.  Sadly, she has long departed this world, so no chance of asking her to confirm or deny the story.  Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I bought the ‘hipster boxers’, which seem to be exactly the same as all the other boxers in lovely husband’s drawer, just a bit newer looking of course! 

What to blog about is always an interesting conversation, I have a couple of friends who also write blogs – check out the links in my Blogroll to see Gail’s ‘A Curious Girl’s Guide to Life’, which I always enjoy.  Gail has ‘beaten me to it’ on a couple of topics that I had intended to cover – notably the recent foot and mouth scare and the state of British farming and also the travesty that masquerades as a newspaper, The Daily Mail.  For some reason, it’s the paper most often given out free on airplanes, (I guess they can’t actually sell them for real money) and as a fairly frequent traveller, I often find myself flicking through it’s pages with a growing sense of outrage – the tone it has adopted is patronising in the extreme and I completely agree with Gail’s assessment of it’s ‘anti-women’ stance – despite claiming women as a key target audience.  Anyway, enough on that, I don’t have much new to add on that topic. 

I did tell my friends that I was going to blog about wine-tasting – so here goes.  Wine-Tasting – what a fabulous concept it is.  None of that careful sipping, swirling and spitting out for us, rather a prolonged engagement in savouring every last drop of the rather ungenerous measures that are provided as we work our way through numbers 1 to 10 of a carefully chosen wine list featuring Spanish wine, (one of my favourites anyway).  Number one, unsurprisingly was a very acceptable Cava – the Champagne of Spain and also a particular favourite of mine.  I hadn’t really decided after the first sample what I really thought of it, so had to go back for more to make sure J  It was jolly nice.  Also jolly nice were the lovely Tapas provided by local (to Swindon, Old Town) tapas restaurant Los Gatos, (which I have mentioned in this column before).  A variety of tortillas, hams, sausages, lush olives and other tidbits kept hunger at bay and helped soak up the wine.  One observation though, even though the measures seemed mean, it didn’t take long to feel the effect of the wine on the system!  The list progressed from lighter to heavier – via some tasty and unusual whites to a fragrant Rose and then on to heavier reds and finally, a very powerful, oak aged Rioja whose name I don’t have a hope in hell of remembering!!!!  I managed to purchase half a dozen Cavas and half a dozen of one of the less heavy Riojas – an El Coto I believe, and collected them the following day, when I was sober enough to drive!!!!!  I apologise if you were hoping for a more considered evaluation of each wine on the list, wine and memory are just not compatible I find.  Salut!!!!!!!



  1. I’m afraid I’ve been at it again today and had another rant against the Daily Mail. They really should sign us up for “Grumpy Old Women.”

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