Posted by: lucylastic | September 6, 2007

Things to do…………while you’re still alive.

I’ve never seen Pavarotti sing live, and sadly now, never will, as news of his death was broadcast this morning.  Seeing him sing was on my list of ‘things I want to do’ but I have started to think that just having a list isn’t really good enough – it’s too passive – I have resolved to actively plan things and start ticking some of my wishes off!!!  One of my favourite comedians, Bill Bailey, does a very funny sketch about ‘100 things to do BEFORE YOU DIE’.  Highlighting the fact that it would be so much better to think of it in terms of things one wants to accomplish whilst alive!!!!  I’m pretty fortunate really I suppose, as I have already ticked a number of things off, including visiting the Taj Mahal, (over-rated I thought, India has some much more impressive buildings and palaces), swimming with Dolphins, (really very cute and unbelievably smiley at all times) and seeing the Northern Lights from within the Arctic Circle – highly recommended – they are an awesome spectacle and the half-light of a Finnish mid-winter day has a very eerie green tinge to it.  What struck me as I reviewed my list was that I haven’t ticked much off in the last few years – all my big adventures were quite some time ago!  I also have to be realistic that there are some that I am never likely to accomplish – most of these would fall into what I call the ‘energetic’ category – trek the Andes; walk the Great Wall of China, (incidentally, apparently NOT visible from the moon – it’s an urban myth); climb Mount Everest, (really, it’s on my list, I was obviously in a very optimistic frame of mind that day); run a marathon – OK, OK, stop laughing all those who know me personally – but it’s there, it is!!!!  I did apply to do the Moon Walk a couple of years ago, (the 26 mile walk that takes place in London around the marathon track) and started training, but my application wasn’t accepted and I rather lost heart!  I shall focus on some of the more sedentary ones for now – see Niagara Falls; visit the Pyramids; stay at the ‘Ice Hotel’.  They sound a bit more do-able I think. 

Stop Press!!!!  News also out today!!!  Additives in food and drink can make children hyperactive.  So reported the BBC this morning.  Am I the only one who thinks that we had already heard this information – in fact, heard it many, many years ago?  So, it’s not really news is it?  Apparently, the reason it was reported at all, is that now, scientists have PROVED it!  We don’t need scientists to prove it – all we need is a 5 year old’s birthday party and a bowl of red jelly each – nightmare!!!  And as for some of the cheaper sweets available…………the effects are often instantaneous.  Even chocolate can over stimulate very young children as I learnt to my cost when a friend visited recently – two little girls transformed from well-behaved to almost certainly satanically possessed in a matter of minutes.  I had to lie down after they left – just to build up the strength required for the tidying up.  Thank you BBC!!!!



  1. Re Stop Press & lets not forget the Smarties. With out fail my youngster would be picked up from parties and she would be like a Tazmanian devil……..

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