Posted by: lucylastic | September 11, 2007

Doom, gloom and very liitle zoom, zoom!

There are some days when it’s hard to say anything constructive at all.  Things seem to conspire in their negativity and which ever way one turns the news and conversations aren’t very good………….for example, the general feeling is that we are all ‘McCann’ed out’, an article on the BBC Radio 2 news this morning reported that a call-in show on yesterday’s Channel 5 news programme was cut short because of the ‘unexpected level of ‘anti-McCann’ feeling that was expressed by callers.  But let’s hold on a moment – it’s tough having to live one’s life in the media glare and apparently, the McCann’s are finding it ‘unbearable’ since they have been named as ‘suspects’ by the Portuguese police.  But these are the very same people to have exploited the media with their ‘find Madeleine’ campaign, who have engaged in very high profile activities, (meeting the Pope, for one) and whose campaign has received in excess of £2 million from well-wishers.  And now, over four months after Madeleine was reported missing, it seems the ‘plodding and incompetent’ (not my words, but oft used in the pages of our popular press), police force in Portugal, have been systematically collecting evidence that the McCann’s themselves might be involved in the whole mess that this media circus has been allowed to become.  From the word go, various elements of the parent’s story haven’t made a lot of sense – something most people I know have interpreted as understandable in the circumstances, I have never been so sure.  One step removed from all of this, a single fact stands out as true – in over 97% of ‘missing’ children cases, a parent or parents are involved.  None of us want to believe that nice, middle-class, professional people might have mistreated their children – but it happens all the time.  Someone, (in fact, some number of people) know what really happened to Madeleine that night – I think it’s about time they stepped forward. 

There doesn’t seem to be much around to lighten the mood, news wise, so I am pleased that so many of my friends are taking late holidays this year – in the next few weeks various folks will be heading for Devon, Cornwall, Mallorca, the Algarve and I will be heading for Tuscany in October.  I really can’t wait.  The summer is definitely over, it’s dark by 8.00pm again and there’s that autumnal tang in the air.  Light at the end of the miserable tunnel that has been this summer and a last opportunity in 2007 for some restorative sunshine.  I am counting the days already! 


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