Posted by: lucylastic | October 4, 2007

Fancy a great night out? Look no further!

There have been many articles dedicated to the therapeutic effects of laughter – but there is nothing like a first-hand reminder to demonstrate that there just isn’t enough genuine mirth in most of our lives.  Last Saturday saw me, lovely husband and our two teenage sons trogging off to Hammersmith for a performance by the wonderfully quirky Bill Bailey   I was first introduced to Bill Bailey some 3 years ago – when a friend of mine received the DVD ‘Part Troll’ for Christmas.  I sat down to watch ‘Part Troll’ with no particular expectations, but ended up spellbound by Bill’s unusual outlook on life and in genuine tears of laughter at the finale – a Kraftwerk-esque rendition of ‘Das Hokey Kokey’.  If you have never seen it, I urge you to add it to your Christmas lists immediately.  The latest tour, entitled ‘Tinsel Worm’, (the sort of worm you might see in Primark, according to the opening lines of the show) didn’t disappoint either.  Topics ranged from thoughts about ‘The God Delusion’ to the AA, (as in car rescue, not the other AA), via Asda and world politics.  Despite the obvious temptation to milk George Bush for ever more comedy, Bill manages to find new subjects and new spins on favourite themes.  As well as being a hugely funny and interesting story-teller, Bill Bailey is also an extremely accomplished musician – his keyboard and guitar skills were much in evidence and he good-naturedly bowed to a vigorous audience request during his encore to ‘play the other one’, when he reached for his acoustic guitar.  Instead, we were treated to a great live rendition of his ‘love song’ – Betrayal – the only piece of the whole 2 hour act which I’ve ever seen before.  Bill’s ability to generate new material, (OK, it’s been 3 years since ‘Part Troll’, but he’s been busy) is amazing and the fact that he manages to entertain a diverse audience without foul language or unnecessary fun-poking is a real tribute to his talent.  Whenever I watch a Bill Bailey DVD I seem to discover bits I haven’t seen before – his act is like that, with various references coming back to me as the days elapse.  The shows in Hammersmith, (at The Riverside Studios) are previews for his forthcoming tour – catch it if you can – I shall certainly try and see him again.  Failing that, it’ll be the DVD on my Christmas list I suppose.



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