Posted by: lucylastic | October 15, 2007

You’re in the army now, and other daft songs.

Back in the land of the connected now, after almost a week in Moscow and no internet access!  I am feeling very strange at the moment – to quote Status Quo, (which I don’t very often, except to exclaim ‘Come on Sweet Caroline’ at inappropriate moments to my friend of the same name), ‘You’re in the Army now’.  Or at least, my little boy is in the Army now – he started his ‘Basic Training’ last week at Pirbright in Surrey and so far, so good – he seems happy, if somewhat tired – they are obviously being thrown in at the deep-end!  Later this week, he’s going to jump out of a helicopter, fully dressed and wearing a 40lb pack, into a lake.  Rather him than me, that’s all I can say.  I guess this is the time to own up if you’ve fibbed on your application form and can’t actually swim the statutory 50 metres, (or whatever it is).  It sounds a tad scary, but I am sure it’s been done thousands of times before……….I’ll let you know how it goes!!!! 

Last week’s time in Moscow was focused on making sure James Dyson’s visit went without a hitch and involved a cast of thousands, or so it seemed, certainly, quite a few.  I’ve always marvelled at the ability of ‘upper management’ to forget what it’s like in the real world – everyone runs around making sure they never need to ask for so much as a cup of tea, that items of luggage and props appear as if by magic and the laptop they are using to make a presentation has been miraculously updated with the latest version of the file and accompanying notes and speeches.  A bit like the Queen thinking the whole world smells like fresh paint – but with less time to do the decorating…………Royal visits usually being planned months, if not years, in advance, whereas we have had a more modest lead-time for the ‘big man’s’ visit.  Nevertheless, the set did indeed smell of fresh paint – a fetching Dyson Yellow that was completed literally 14 minutes before the man arrived – though I was assured by the Russian set designer that ‘it dry fast, very fast’ – and I spent the whole of his 45 minute session on tenterhooks dreading having to be the one who had to dry and get a designer suit cleaned in less than 2 hours in Moscow, without speaking Russian.  You’ll be relieved to hear that it went pretty much without a hitch and that the Journos and Academics from various design schools loved the quirky English approach to design that has led to such wonders as the Dyson Airblade and the DC 16 Hand-Held Vacuum, (check them out on 

Apparently, I’ve been ‘tagged’ in someone else’s blog, (my friend Gail, on and I now have to ‘tag’ some other people.  I want to do this well, so am saving it for another day!!!!  I have a few blogs that I like to read regularly so hope to find some candidates amongst them.  It’s a big responsibility, plus I have to include 7 things about myself – some weird, some well-known.  Hmm.  Not sure what I’ll publish there then.  It’s well known that I have a penchant for a drop of the sparkly stuff, but that’s not going to enthral anyone is it – I imagine something new and slightly shocking is required.  I’ll see what I can do!!! Finally, 3 things – something I haven’t done for ages…………………….1. All the bright red Acers in people’s gardens – what a fabulous colour – I MUST buy one for my garden.  2. Evenings of mist and mellow fruitfulness – a bumper crop of (mangled looking) cooking apples that nevertheless made a wonderful apple crumble as part of the ‘you’re in the army now’ farewell Sunday lunch for my little boy.  3.  A heartfelt tribute to my wonderful husband for putting up with me being bitch almighty and stroppy cow rolled all into one.  Blame my hormones!!!!


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