Posted by: lucylastic | October 22, 2007

We’re all going on another holiday!!!!

I was lucky enough to go on holiday to the Caribbean in June, but I have to admit, it feels so long ago, it may as well have happened to somebody else!  Plus, the trip back, in the ‘cheap seats’ is always ten times worse than the trip out there, (why are only returning planes delayed and subject to baggage loss) and ends up leaving one feeling in need of another good holiday, just to get over it all.  So, I am looking forward tremendously to a week in Tuscany.  The flight to Pisa is only an hour and a half and we will pick up a car to motor down to a lovely little villa, with pool, about 20 minutes drive from the coast, somewhere in the Monteverdi Marittimo.  It sounds wonderful, and I am so ready for a break right now!  I am also hoping we’ll find some decent wine and oil to bring back with us – to keep the Italian vibe alive and well during the winter months.   

The Tuscan trip also has another purpose – a chance to ‘recce’ the area for potential cookery school locations – I’ve wanted to run an Italian cookery school for absolutely ages, but many things have conspired against me.  As I wrote in an earlier post as well, there are some 260 cookery schools already established in Tuscany – so finding a USP may be tricky.  But there’s no harm in looking is there?  The trouble is, I know myself!  If I spy something I fancy, that’ll be it – I’ll want to buy it on the spot and all sense and caution will be thrown to the wind.  Thank goodness for the steadying influence of my lovely husband, who I know will act as the voice of enthusiastic reason and stop me blowing the budget in an afternoon!  This reminds me that we watched one of these ‘samey, samey’ TV programmes not that long ago, where the featured couple ignored everybody’s advice about the purchase of a wonderful, but very run down, Tuscan villa – and ended up in quite some trouble – financially, legally and with their builders.  Not least was my scathing observation that “no one should try and move somewhere where they don’t speak the language”.  So, is my Italian fluent and poised?  Sadly no.  Not even a bit really.  I am hoping that my rusty, (and never very good) Spanish will see me through.  I imagine we’ll survive a holiday on this basis.  But ‘Teach yourself Italian’ here I come!!!!! 

Talk to you in November when we return!!!!  Arrividerci!!!



  1. Have a wonderful time in Tuscany! If you can’t find a suitable location there for your cookery school, there will be a huge demand in the UK! (Not quite the same climate though)….

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