Posted by: lucylastic | November 12, 2007

Short lives and short lived.

There are many people with tales of ‘the worst job in the world’, I have heard a few recently.  One friend told me of a job she started in the morning and left at lunchtime, (some horrible, big corporate that didn’t make her feel welcome), another lasted a week and a day at the (supposedly) highly professional offices of a major real estate firm, having finally decided that being ignored from Day 1, there wasn’t much else to do other than resign and see if people noticed, (they did, but too late).  And now, my own son is back from Army Basic Training after 4 and a half weeks.  There’s a whole lot of background and complexity that would no doubt bore you rigid.  But the situation can be summed up as follows: they chucked him out.  I am gutted.  Not for me, I have a job, I also know where my responsibilities lie and that having made a commitment, I am going to stick to it.  I am gutted because I think he’s made a very bad mistake AND he’s burnt his bridges.  Amongst other things, his CO described him as ‘very immature compared to most other 18 year olds we have here’.  And that’s a huge part of the problem.  I remember being 18 myself, in fact, even though it was closer to 30 years ago, I recall it as if it were yesterday.  I too made some poor decisions, but I never burnt my bridges.  Sometimes, it’s good to have a way back – especially if you can’t see what’s in front of you.  And actually, as far as jobs go, it certainly wasn’t the worst job in the world.  It could have been quite good – with foreign travel, reasonable pay, camaraderie and a career progression that clearly spelt out what success looks like.  My friends and family have been very supportive – but there’s really nothing to say.  He’s got to find a job and he’s got to find one pronto.  The pocket money fairy left town the same day he did, but she’s not coming back.  

In the meantime, Christmas is sneaking ever closer and I am definitely NOT in the mood.  It looks like it’ll be me, my lovely husband and the Biblical sons – one Prodigal and one put upon, or maybe not.  But it’s not a bad analogy.  It’s always so much effort for such a small reward.  I am determined to try and focus more on ‘the real meaning of Christmas’ and see what I can put back.  Maybe that way, I’ll stop feeling a bit sorry for myself!!!  The thing is, I LOVE CHRISTMAS – the build up, the excitement, the planning to surprise others and seeing their face light up, the carols, the sentiment and emotion – it moves me as much as it ever did and I hate it when my expectations aren’t met.  Must try harder! 


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