Posted by: lucylastic | November 20, 2007

It’s fresh, it’s new, it’s exciting! Well, one out of three at least.

I suppose the whole thing about blogging is that it doesn’t have to be new, fresh and exciting all the time – after all, most other ‘normal’ blogs that I have come across contain some fairly mundane stuff – but I always enjoy the peek into other people’s lives – however down to earth they may seem, so when I thought about what had happened this week, I realised that actually, nothing fresh and exciting had transpired, but I have started something new………  

I recently joined an on-line market research panel – they pay me for giving my opinions about a whole variety of subjects, (of course, I am not eligible for all of them, I got politely thanked and finished off for one about shopping, which puzzled me, as I am a prolific shopper, particularly on-line, but I managed to convince myself that my advanced age ruled me out)!  It is not a pleasant feeling to be heading towards the end of the scale as far as age goes.  I am in the penultimate group – 35-45.  In no time at all, I’ll be in the 45-55’s and clearly, once you are over 55 you have no opinions of any worth, as most surveys I have come across rarely accept respondents over that age.  The ‘pay’ isn’t huge either, in fact it ranges from just 75p to a princely £2.00, but I am hoping to see it build up towards £10 quite quickly – whereupon I can exchange it for an on-line shopping voucher with a number of big names, (M&S, Waitrose, PC World, Next, etc) or donate to a variety of charities and claim Gift Aid.  As someone who worked in Market Research along time ago, I am always fascinated by the process companies go through in order to sell us more ‘stuff’.  

I have determined to try and be as honest as possible in my responses, even if it means I get booted out of the survey early for saying that I didn’t find any of the proposed new names for a ‘luxury bed and mattress range’ at all appealing!!!!  Well, they did ask!!  And surely, as someone seriously thinking about replacing the pretty new but MOST UNCOMFORTABLE MATTRESS IN THE WORLD, I am slap bang in their target audience.  My top bed/mattress buying hint – stick to springs.  Memory foam is meant to be where it’s at, but I loathe it!!  I always feel like I’m drowning, and my feet seem to be higher than my head, (which they probably are as my top-heavy torso is sinking into the foam at the pillow end).  Yuck.  I was completely sold on it by the store sales person – never again will I listen to a word of advice.  I have a busy weekend coming up, Street Pastoring on Friday, seeing Handel’s Messiah on Saturday and a long awaited lunch on Sunday at Caldesi in Campagna.  I shall let you know how it goes.  And if anything else fresh, new and exciting occurs in my life, I’ll be sure to tell you too!!!!


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