Posted by: lucylastic | November 27, 2007

Sunday lunch – Italian style……..

How many meals do you eat a day?  When I was growing up, we always used to have breakfast, lunch, tea and supper.  Nowadays, I seem to just have ‘dinner’ in the evenings, with breakfast and lunch being some strange collection of things I grab from the kitchen on my way out to work.  Even on Christmas Day we used to manage a ‘special’ breakfast, (often fresh grapefruit and sometimes egg and bacon), lunch, tea and supper.  Why is this worth commenting on?  Well, firstly, I wasn’t overweight in those days and I certainly am now – and I just can’t get my head around how eating so much less has resulted in me being so much fatter!!!!  Secondly, the days must have been longer – I just don’t have the time any more…….On Sundays, I usually have lunch instead of dinner, but then that’s it – no more till Monday.  I am sure I can’t be alone!!!!???

Last Sunday a group of us went to try out the Tuscan Sunday lunch at Caldesi in Campagna in Bray on Thames.  Overall, it was a tremendous success.  Unfortunately, and probably directly linked to the fact that I hadn’t had time to eat breakfast beforehand, (it required an 11.30am departure from home after all, and there’s church and all sorts of other things to fit in before that), I got a bit tipsy and my critical faculties were possibly impaired as a result.  On arrival, there was a lovely Prosecco and some Crostini – one with olives and one with rabbit – both very tasty indeed.  Then it was an antipasto starter that included the usual cold meats, bits of cheese and bread.  We had already decided that another bottle of Prosecco was a good idea – but combined with a frugal approach to the bread – in order to leave room for the main courses, that was the beginning of the end!!!  Luckily a vigilant fellow diner spotted that they had actually forgotten our pasta course and moved straight on to the mains – a deep, sticky beef stew or roast guinea fowl and chicken – but we agreed to ‘eat it while it was hot’ and come back to the pasta later.  The polenta with truffles was very tasty, I do remember that!  When it did arrive, the pasta was divine.  The pasta chef has an incredibly light hand with his pasta and the tortelloni were tasty, and made me want more.  The restaurant had decided to take a tasting approach to the desserts – which was OK – but should have included sufficient of each to taste a bit of everything, (or maybe it did, and I just can’t remember).  The plum sponge was very nice indeed – moist, tart and hit the spot.  There was a Tiramisu as well, but I didn’t have any – not really my favourite.  There was almost certainly more Prosecco and some red wine too and a nice Grappa di Prosecco to finish.  As compensation for the mix up with our food, I was offered a complimentary copy of the Return to Tuscany cookbook, which I was delighted with, as it was on my Christmas list anyway………..I promise my fellow diners that they can borrow it any time they want!!  I can certainly recommend it if you fancy a relaxed Sunday lunch outing – check it out in more detail on 


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