Posted by: lucylastic | December 21, 2007

Money, money, money!

As a child, I wore unattractive NHS ‘specs’ in either pink or blue – depending on availability at the local hospital – there really wasn’t a lot of choice.  I hated wearing glasses – never mind the childish taunts of ‘four-eyes’ and ‘cross-eyes’, but the dreaded eye patch was the worst of all.  If there were such things as private frame and lens prescriptions available back then (mid 1960’s), then I wasn’t aware of them and as my parents couldn’t have afforded them anyway, it was a moot point.  How the world has changed.  Walk into any dispensing optician these days and the range is massive, all the designers have jumped on the bandwagon – Donna Karan, Gucci, Police, Yves St Laurent – all offer a range of stylish and stylised frames, (at a price of course) and that’s before you have even started to shell out for the actual lenses!  There are bi-focals, vari-focals, tinted, UV coated, rimless, single vision – you name it – and they cost an arm and a leg!!!!  My latest pair have set me back a whopping £400 – supposedly a ‘bogof’, but I feel sure I have been ripped off somewhere along the line.  Admittedly, I do favour rimless lenses which are expensive and I have gone for vari-focals, instead of 2 different pairs, but that was meant to be a money saving option overall!!  And this is on top of my monthly £11.50 for contact lenses – which I wear when I want to see but don’t have to focus hugely on small print!!!!  I am starting to drag out my old reading glasses on top of the lenses to read menus in restaurants and other bits of information in dark places!  Squinting up at a train time table the other day made me realise how poor my vision is, even when wearing the lenses.  I’m not sure what the world, or my eyesight, is coming to, but I can’t see it getting any cheaper.


Am I the only one who thinks that all these ‘millions struggle with mortgage payments’ headlines are just more hype?  I realise that a raft of fixed price deals have just come to an end, but rates haven’t hiked up that much.  I am much more concerned that we all seem prepared to sit back and watch petrol prices head for the stars without so much as a measly protest.  I got sent an email chain letter suggesting that we all boycott Esso and turn to the supermarkets for our petrol, but this very short-memoried – only a few months ago hundreds of car drivers were making claims against Tesco’s (and others) for damage done to their engines by contaminated fuel!  My lovely husband runs a garage and sees first hand the damage done by bad fuel, (and by those too witless to figure out diesel from petrol, but that’s another issue) – he won’t allow supermarket fuel in any of our cars and he recommends to all his customers who ask that they don’t either.  So major petrol companies will still be getting my business.  Fancy a walk anyone?  It’s the only way – stop driving!!!!


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