Posted by: lucylastic | January 7, 2008

2008 already………. where does the time go?

Well, Happy New Year one and all.  The time has flown by as usual and I am back at work again – a massive 17 days have passed since last I darkened the Dyson portals, but not much appears to have changed.  A number of people, (including me) are sporting their ‘Christmas jumpers’ and quite a few new bags and pairs of shoes are also in evidence.  More noticeable are the number of very swish new cars in the car park………….as a private company, there’s no stock option scheme at Dyson, but there is a bonus scheme for the more senior employees.  And it’s obviously pretty generous!  From my desk I can see 5 new ‘beemers’, a couple of Audis and a Saab, and I am sure there are many more.

I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that the first week of 2008 has come with more than it’s fair share or doom and gloom in the news.  More young people stabbed to death, an English expat woman in Spain murdered by her boyfriend and continuing unrest in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kenya and many other places.  One of the stories that I found particularly sad though was more local in nature.  It was reported – indeed, it even made the national news – that an 83 year old Chippenham, (Wiltshire) resident, Olive Archer died on 20th Dec and the parish vicar was saddened by the fact that no one appeared to be coming to the funeral.  Following some local advertising, the vicar has managed to drum up about 10 people who have links to Olive – one the brother of her former best friend who had lost touch along the years.  The story has also pulled a heart string or two with readers from around the country, with well-wishers offering to send flowers and to attend ‘just so she won’t be buried alone’.  This is all very touching, but what a shame that no one at the old people’s home where she lived – without visitors for the last 5 years – or the local church thought to place such an advert while she was still alive and might have enjoyed some company and reminiscing.  To me, this is a story of a huge opportunity lost and makes me want to get out there and DO SOMETHING.  This shouldn’t happen to our old people – it’s a crying shame.

I like the Boots (the Chemists) TV ad – ‘Change One Thing’ – so many of us rush headlong into a new year with a bag full of resolutions which have all fallen by the wayside by the second week!  Changing ‘just one thing’ can make a big impact and be easier to stick to.  As I heard on the radio this morning – cheer up, it’s only 5 weeks until the start of Lent.  Easter is remarkably early this year – March 22nd.  It’ll be Christmas again before we know it!!!!



  1. Happy New year Lucy!
    Thanks for the update on Olive Archer – I saw the article in the national papers but didn’t see any follow-up so was good to know she had some mourners. But as you say, a real pity she was unvisited for the last few years of her life.

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