Posted by: lucylastic | January 14, 2008

Licence fees – I’m thinking of handing mine in – along with the TV!

Is it just me who thinks the New Year telly is already a load of rubbish?  Night after night I am scrolling through the drivel that is offered via Cable TV – I lived without a TV for many years in the 1990’s and am thinking of returning to that state in the very near future…………. 

I enjoyed Strictly Come Dancing – there’s no doubt that Ballroom Dancing is extremely elegant and reminiscent of another, gentler era and the Latin is sexy, sensual and breath-taking when done well.  I am not so sure what I think about the ‘Stars on Ice’, or whatever it is actually called!  There are so many things to pick fault with – Philip Schofield – I just don’t like him very much – never have, never will, too grey I think – in every sense………and the judges – who they???  A taut-looking Robin Cousins and some others.  And Jayne Torville and Christopher Dean???  Say no more.  I had no idea at all who the vast majority of the ‘celebrities’ were – and little Gareth Gates – didn’t he win another reality show, (or come second, I know, I know).  It was only at the very end of last night’s results show that I realised that the tired old wrinklie they voted off was Sarah Greene – ex Blue Peter presenter and I am sure someone who is younger than I am………..but maybe my memory deceives me.  Sarah has obviously decided against the surgical intervention route – but it suddenly brought home to me how many others must have decided to travel it!!!  (In the interests of accuracy, I have just ‘googled’ Sarah Greene and she is 49 – but I would never have recognised her).  Anyway, I can’t see myself becoming hooked……….especially as I have vague recollections of watching the last couple of the last series and seeing Bonnie Langford lose out, when she was clearly the better skater!  The vagaries of the public vote I suppose………. 

So, what IS good on TV at the moment?  Well, hot on the heels of the Ice Dancing was the return of ‘Kingdom’, featuring Stephen Fry, (one of my very favourite actors/presenters), a series set on England’s glorious East Coast with Fry as a solicitor and many lost causes.  It’s hopelessly implausible, silly in the extreme and yet strangely compelling!  The likes of Celia Imrie, Hermione Norris and Phyllida Law all help raise it from just more fluffy nonsense to an entertaining piece of television.  Beneath the nonsense lie a number of themes – the single mother who was abandoned by Kingdom’s nefarious brother and who now fancies the junior solicitor, (and he, her).  The ‘is she, isn’t she’ apparently pregnant Hermione Norris – who plays Kingdom’s overwrought and incredibly selfish sister.  Last night’s episode finished with the unexpected return of said delinquent brother – which will no doubt put a cat amongst the pigeons………..  The shots of the local coastline and countryside are worth seeing too – it’s such a beautiful part of the country – filmed around King’s Lynn. 

The only other thing I am watching at the moment is Jam and Jerusalem – I missed the first series and was expecting something just a little more dramatic than the straightforward comedy we are getting so far, I am not sure I’ll bother carrying on with it – it seems such a shame to waste the talents of actresses like Sue Johnstone, Jennifer Saunders, Pauline McLynne (ex Father Ted) and many other well-known faces on what is essentially slapstick much of the time.  I got the impression the first series was grittier – but I may be mistaken. Well, I think that’s about it on the TV criticism for now.  Have a good week – and make the most of the better weather that is forecast for the next couple of days!!!!


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