Posted by: lucylastic | January 17, 2008

Interesting thoughts, at least I hope so!

I have always maintained that feedback is a good and positive thing, but sometimes one receives feedback that is not so welcome!!  For example, I was informed by one individual that my blogs ‘are getting boring’.  When I probed into how exactly they might be made more entertaining, I didn’t get much help.  ‘I dunno’, was the reply.  So, in an effort to provide some small amusement to any readers left out there, I have searched and scoured for things that you may not yet know AND that aren’t boring.  Here goes………….. 

In the USA, 20 banks a day are robbed and the average haul is $2500.  Now, I could really do with some extra cash right now, but this figure is not encouraging.  Clearly, banks don’t want to publicise the fact that they are being robbed – after all, we surely pay for it somewhere along the line in charges don’t we?  But it’s quite a big number.  I started wondering if people just strolled in off the street and tried their luck?  If I was planning a bank robbery, I’d like to think it was a cunning, audacious, Ocean’s 11/12/13 (pick a number) type of heist, not just a stroll through the door whilst on my lunch break!  Having said that, one of the funniest bank robbery scenes ever, is Bruce Willis’s (first of many) in the film ‘Bandits’, where he holds up a bank with a yellow highlighter pen that he fools the security man into thinking is a gun.  If you’ve never seem the film, I really do recommend it – it also starts Billy Bob Thornton and Cate Blanchett and is both funny and sad and very entertaining, with a nice twist at the end too. 

On a completely unrelated note, were you aware that bulls are colour blind?  No, me neither!  So, all the charging at red things is a myth – bulls will charge at any cape waved in front of them apparently, whatever it’s colour………. No doubt the presence of several thousand people in the audience clapping and cheering and generally being noisy winds the bull up somewhat as well.  But interesting, I thought.  I always wanted to go to a bull fight when I lived in Spain – just to have seen one first hand – it’s so very much a part of their culture that I felt it rather a shame not to see what all the fuss was about, but somehow, I never got around to it.  I have long been fascinated by Matadors – it’s a hazardous occupation of course, but the good ones are treated like royalty and if you can survive long enough, it’s a lucrative occupation – though only the Top 50 bullfighters in the world actually make enough money to live on without having to resort to part-time work!  Apparently, there are now many female Matadors and some of them are doing extremely well – although men don’t like to acknowledge it, women have faster reactions, are nimbler and some even seem to have a ‘sixth sense’ that tells them which way the bull will go – enabling them to make last moment, daring escapes.  It’s not easy though, Spain’s most famous female Matador, Christina Sanchez retired from the sport in the 1990’s, thoroughly fed up with fighting male chauvinism and the consistent refusal by some male matadors to fight along side her, or even on the same bill.  One things that always struck me as strange is that the ultimate Matador’s accolade is to be given the ears and tail of the bull – assuming they have made an excellent, clean kill, in a stylish manner.  Surely, a couple of large steaks would be more enjoyable?  I know which I’d prefer. 

Well, I hope you have all found this a bit more interesting than some of my recent, more humdrum musings.  As ever, your comments and feedback – in person or in writing are always welcome.  Hasta Luego.


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