Posted by: lucylastic | February 6, 2008

Going, going, (almost) gone!

I am always intrigued by stories about modes of transport – it seems that we spend much time and effort searching for that Holy Grail of modern living – a way of getting somewhere in record time, with no horrible traffic hold-ups and, more recently it has to be said, with little or no carbon footprint, nasty emissions or other negative impact on the environment.  I was very pleased to learn then of a development in the US for personal ‘hover packs’.  Now, these are not a new idea of course, they have appeared in many a spy thriller and are routinely tested on ‘Tomorrow’s World’ type programmes.  The good news is, they are fast becoming a reality.  US Manufacturer Thunderbolt Aerosystems says that the Thunderpack jet pack harnesses rocket fuel and hi-tech propulsion techniques to provide an ‘economical’ vehicle.  It currently reaches speeds of up to 75mph over distances of about half a mile.  Now, before you start worrying about whether your local Esso garage actually serves rocket fuel, other advances are afoot.  The jet pack is priced at about £50,000 at the moment – which puts it firmly in the luxury car bracket – but even better news is upon us………two other versions will be available this year.  The first runs on hydrogen peroxide, (blond highlights while you hover perhaps) and will be able to cover 35 miles before refulleing is necessary, the second, running on peroxide only will last a little longer.  I am so excited at the thought of these machines – I can just see myself – warmly and sensibly clad for a 20ft hover – drifting over fields and lines of stationary vehicles as I fly blissfully to work with only a few birds for company.  And then reality sets in….if I can afford one, then I am sure many others will be able to as well – how will we avoid colliding with one another?  Will we need air traffic control, how do you know which side of the ‘road’ you are on.  Who has priority?  How will we deal with the air rage hoverers and their ill tempers?  It’s all a bit tiring to even contemplate, maybe I’ll just stay on 3 wheels.

  Did you read that right?  3 wheels?  Oh yes – 3 wheelers will soon be vogue again.  Never mind the ‘Del boy’ image of the old Reliant Robin, them times they are a’ changing.  The latest motoring development is a 3 wheeled car that looks more Delorean than Del Boy, but it’s two electric motors make it faster than a Porsche with a top speed of 156 mph!!!  Again, the manufacturer is American – the niftily named ZAP – which stands for Zero Air Pollution – are working with British company Lotus on the development.  The car – named the Alias will be in production next year and will cost around £15,000 – more my sort of budget than the Jet Pack too!!!  Check out the story at 

Soon, we’ll be getting there before we’ve even left home.  I can’t wait.



  1. I’ve always fancied the idea of a flying carpet! Very eco friendly too.

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