Posted by: lucylastic | February 19, 2008

Internet ponderings…………

Do you often think about how well companies other than the one you work for are doing?  I have to admit, it’s become quite an obsession of mine – and I am particularly interested in how well (or not) some of my most used companies on the net are hanging in there.  When I open Internet Explorer, my homepage is Yahoo – mainly because it’s my personal email account and seems to make sense – as I like to check my email regularly.  I like the stuff Yahoo has on it’s homepage too – a mixture of real news, opinion, stories from around the world and fun items to while away a few minutes if I need a break from work.  I also get alerts from a business site called BNET and one headline from them recently caught my eye – ‘Is Yahoo playing not to lose’.  You can read the article for yourselves here      

In essence, it is suggesting that Yahoo have given up the corporate ghost and are now no longer trying to win, but are playing ‘not to lose’ – a dangerous game that may see an irrecoverable slide into obscurity.  But how can this be I wonder?  Are Yahoo losing emailers, visitors, advertisers or what?  It’s not that clear from the article, nor does it suggest who the winners might be………………….of course, the mighty Microsoft are supposed to be interested in buying Yahoo – and there is much speculation as to how this will affect the high-quality news and other current affairs journalism that Yahoo is so good at.  Want to find out the latest on medical or beauty innovation – look on Yahoo; want up to date news feeds from around the world – look on Yahoo – they are often much quicker and better than well known news emporia like the BBC or CNN.  I can’t help feeling that being owned by Microsoft would not be a good thing for Yahoo – or for you and me either.  

The scope and power of the internet never ceases to amaze me – Google’s ability to search, especially with quite a complex search string and the speed at which it returns its findings are always something to marvel at in my opinion.  The machinations involved are too huge to really contemplate – and I find it even more mind-blowing that there are real people behind all this – working out the search algorithms and putting them into place – I have never been drawn to the task of computer programming – but I have immense respect for those who do.  Keep up the good work!



  1. Lucy,

    Thanks for dropping by BNET and reading my little rant.

    It’s not so much that Yahoo is losing users. It’s still the world’s most visited site. It’s that they have gotten themselves into an endless cycle of catch-up with Google and that their thinking is still very Web 1.0 — i.e., they feel they need to own the whole space to be successful when in fact they don’t, as Google Adsense shows.

    Keep Reading,

    Michael Mattis
    social media manager

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