Posted by: lucylastic | February 21, 2008

Too little, too late.

My friend Gail wrote just the other day, (  that the circus masquerading as an ‘inquest’ into the deaths of Diana, Princess of Wales and Dodi Fayed should be called to a halt.  It’s long been my opinion that grief has turned Mohammed Al Fayed into a raving madman and his rant to a BBC reporter after he’d given ‘evidence’ only served to support that theory.  The hapless reporter found himself being accused of being ‘another member of the conspiracy and also of MI6’, laughable if it wasn’t so sad.  The icing on the cake though came on the news this morning that a couple of labour MP’s have also called for the inquest to be stopped forthwith as it is ‘turning into a circus’ and ‘making British justice look stupid’. Too little, too late, chaps – surely it must be nearing completion anyway?  And surely the damage has already been done?  Former head of MI6, Sir Richard Dearlove summed it up by saying that if he took Al Fayed’s allegations seriously, he would be flattered that anyone could even imagine he had so much power – and to suggest that Prince Phillip and Prince Charles are also members of MI6 is pretty ‘off the map’.  The saddest part of all of course is that William and Harry have to hear this nonsense and see their mother’s life once again hung out for all to see.

  I didn’t watch ‘The Brits’ last night – couldn’t bear the thought of it to be honest – and listening to reports on the radio this morning, I am quite glad.  Wonder band the Arctic Monkeys apparently made a less than gracious acceptance speech and Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne’s hosting was likened to the cringe making efforts of Samantha Fox and Mick Fleetwood way back in 1989 when the show was relaunched.  As a nation, we seem determined to promote Amy Winehouse at any and every opportunity – she’s certainly getting lots of airtime – and the good news is that ‘she’s been clean for a few weeks now’.  Every journey starts with a single step, I know, but it may be premature to celebrate her return to health and fitness too soon.  I’ll admit that I have a soft spot for Paul McCartney and his acceptance speech was everything such a speech should be – short, appreciative, positive and to the point.  The only bit of the show I wish I’d seen was his 4 song finale, which included my all time Beatles favourite, Hey Jude – shame.



  1. Hi Schluce

    I taped the Brits, so you can borrow the tape (if you still have a video machine!) if not, then its a good excuse to come round to my place and watch it with sparkly 🙂

    JC x

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