Posted by: lucylastic | March 7, 2008

It’s not fair!

Oh, the pressure, the pressure.  I want to be a REAL writer!!!!  My friend and ‘Curious Girl’ Gail, ( seems able to turn out well written, pithy and punchy pieces for her Blog at the drop of a hat.  Now, I know she was a real, proper, trained and highly professional journalist in another life, but I feel inadequate in comparison.  I also long to Blog daily with the sorts of hysterical and witty tales that made Catherine Sanderson one of the most successful bloggers of this recent, instant communication age.  Apparently, Catherine’s penchant for blogging during work hours eventually cost her her job, but she is certainly flying high now.  I was late coming to her blog pages, but they are hugely entertaining and the chord strikes right at the heart of the ‘juggle it all’ woman who is trying to work, rest and play and still cook dinner for 20.  A book, based on Catherine’s life and blog – Petitie Anglaise has just been published and there is an accompanying book tour, library readings and so on to support the publicity.  I have to admit, I am envious.  

Of more pressing concern right now though is the fate of my elder son.  Having carelessly and hastily thrown away his chance of a job in the Army, (he flunked out of basic training after about 5 weeks), he is now drifting with no real sense of what he wants to do.  As in many situations, the phrase ‘Cherchez La Femme’ is an apposite one, there’s no doubt that he was influenced in his decision to jump before he was pushed and predictably, he and said ‘Femme’ are no longer an item.  It’s enough to make one cry and stamp one’s foot – if only I had the energy.  I have to admit, I find it very draining and the desire to respond with the horribly facile ‘whatever’ to a litany of excuses and procrastination that are the regular response to questions about job seeking is overwhelming at times.  If anyone has ideas about where to look for a job for a willing, but academically unskilled soon to be 19 year old, please let me know!!!! 


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