Posted by: lucylastic | March 17, 2008

Well, is it or isn’t it? St Patrick’s Day that is!!!

I’m not sure if I missed something earlier last week, but it was only on Thursday (13th March) that my consciousness became aware that there was some debate about EXACTLY when St Patrick’s Day was taking place.  For some reason, 17th March = St Patrick’s Day is something that sticks quite firmly in my memory.  Maybe because it’s exactly a week before my sister’s birthday – and therefore acts as some sort of prompt – have I bought a card, a present, posted the card and so on.  But this year, all is not as it seems.  Apparently, the Pope officially changed the date of St Patrick’s Day so that it didn’t conflict with Holy Week , (more on Holy Week here if you are interested) but not many people seemed to know. 

Adopting Sat 15th March as St Patrick’s Day happened to coincide with a rugby match that Ireland were playing in, (I don’t follow rugby, so no idea what the score was, or who they were playing for that matter) and as rugby and beer consumption go together anyway, most people seemed to be happy.  But I am most emphatically not.  A saint’s day is surely a saint’s day?  How can anyone, even the Pope, just decide to move it.  Moreover, what’s the point?  I fully intend to make my own St Patrick’s Day celebrations when I get home this evening, (my grandfather was Irish and we still have lots of relations there).  I already have a stock of Guinness in the fridge and a big pan and ingredients for Irish Stew in my cupboards.  Coupled with a viewing of the new BBC drama of ‘The Passion’ ( at 8.30pm I will celebrate both the Irish national saint’s day AND Holy Week in one fell swoop. 

If you fancy undertaking some St Patrick’s day themed activities, check out  where there are lots of things you can eat, make and play, as well as a history of the day itself.  Slainte!!!!!



  1. Thanks for the explanation Lucy, I was also puzzled when I heard the date had changed. Mother in law, who is Irish and always celebrates it, was also not aware!

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