Posted by: lucylastic | March 25, 2008

Easter Joy!!

Children are a worry.  The older they get, the more of a worry they are.  In Poland, (and probably in other places) they say ‘small children, small problems – big children, big problems’.  I remember days not so very long ago when the biggest worry my children had was whether their favourite food would be served at tea-time and whose turn it was to watch either Pingu or Thomas the Tank Engine – both of which are excellent I think!  Nowadays, with the elder approaching 19 and in a bit of a drift and the younger springing a decidedly left field wish to return to boarding school for Sixth Form I am constantly challenged by the feeling of not being in control.  I am hoping and praying that it will all soon fall into place…………….. 

Changing the subject completely, I just have to say what a fabulous Easter I had!  From making the Old Town ‘walk of witness’ on Good Friday morning, spending the evening with an old friend from Germany, attending an absolutely fabulous birthday party in honour of my sister’s 40th, (it comes to us all eventually) and (having eschewed the ‘sunrise service at 5.30am) gone to 9.30am Communion and spending Easter Sunday with my in-laws and step-children to a more relaxed Monday and tea with my parents, it was all enjoyable, relaxed and without any sort of hassle or stress – wonderful.   

Part of the ‘stress-buster’ was sitting down on Sunday evening to watch the amazing and very entertaining ‘No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency’ – adapted from the novel and other stories by author Alexander McCall Smith.  I have been a fan of McCall Smith for a number of years and have faithfully read each of the ‘Lady Detective’ novels, as well as all of his other series as well.  If you want pithily written, moral tales that are very much of our age, look no further – he’s one of the few authors who makes me laugh out loud and compels one to share the anecdote with (slightly bemused) others.  I heartily recommend him.  Like all adaptations, ‘The No 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency’ wasn’t completely true to the novel and jumbled up stories from more than one of the books – but it was warm, funny, sad and created a swift longing to travel to Botswana to see that fabulous landscape firsthand.  Apparently, there will be a series on TV next year!!  I can’t wait.  Poignantly, it was also one of the last films worked on by Anthony Minghella – and his touch was evident in the superb landscapes and sensitive direction which was also very evident in (probably) his most famous film, The English Patient.  I am not a huge film fan, but I adore The English Patient and could watch it again and again, (tissue supply permitting).  He will be sadly missed.


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