Posted by: lucylastic | April 10, 2008

Leaving a cleaner world behind me…………

I am into my penultimate, (always loved that word) day in the world of vacuum cleaners and things continue to suck.  ‘No Loss of Suction’ is a good thing for a vacuum cleaner, but is maybe not ideal as a personal character trait.  Unless you are a limpet or some other sort of sucker fish thing that needs to cling on to something for survival.  I have always considered myself a pretty independent person, but as I start to think about moving into the world of railway infrastructure marketing, I need to dig deep for the confidence and self-belief that one always manages to muster in those all important interview discussions.  Will I be any good at helping to sell complex and complicated, (technically) infrastructure and management systems?  I have never worked for a business that was ‘safety critical’ before – it brings another element of business risk into the equation when one is deciding on a market entry strategy or particular country to invest in.  I am tremendously excited by it though……………’s very engineering and technically orientated – the products ARE the business – which is something that many marketers ignore in their pursuit of the creative.  I shall let you know how it develops.



Tonight I am cooking a farewell dinner for my team – in a typically show-off gesture, I am planning to serve 2 starters, a main course and a dessert – all dishes from Masterchef finals – and only one of which I have ever tried before.  Hey – I have the recipe – how difficult can it be…………I’ll let you know.  I shall of course have lots of champagne flowing, this will hopefully dull the desire amongst my soon to be ex co-workers to be too critical of my efforts.  It usually works! 





  1. I think you’ll be awesome in railway infrastructure marketing Lucy….sounds really interesting. Good luck!

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