Posted by: lucylastic | April 21, 2008

Why so nasty?

I’m not really much of a film watcher, I certainly don’t enjoy the cinema experience – over-stuffed seats, children, (or adults) with sweet wrappers crackling, sticky floors and extortionately priced popcorn, drinks and pick and mix.  A film out for 2 adults and 2 children with all the accompaniments can easily set you back £50.  I used to always go to Woolies first and buy their pick and mix – a better selection and half the price – but a hell of an effort – plus I always felt guilty ‘sneaking’ my stash in – waiting for the pick and mix police to come around and identify the bags as ‘non genuine’.  Anyway, I digress.



I watched a film last night called ‘War of the Roses’ – dating from 1989 and featuring Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas.  I know he’s been under the knife a bit, but I always thought she was a much older woman, (she played his wife and was obviously meant to be the same age).  But the thing that has my mind buzzing is that it was one of the blackest, saddest depictions of a breakdown in a marriage that I have ever seen.  The young couple meet accidentally at an auction, find themselves a lovely East Coast (US) mansion and she devotes her time to raising ugly, very spoilt children and interior decorating.  He in the meantime becomes a partner in the law firm.



Somewhere along the way, she stops loving him.  During a meal he is rushed to hospital with a suspected heart attack – cut to wife in middle of business negotiations – all set to drop everything and run to his side.  But it turns out to be a minor problem – and having established that, she fails to go to the hospital to collect him – leaving it to his best friend and fellow lawyer to make the trip.



Anyway, the rest of the plot is quite tedious – they become more and more destructive towards one another and finally both die in a nasty accident involving a chandelier, a loose bolt and a cord which can’t bear their weight.  The final act of nastiness is hers, when in his death thro he reaches out for her and she swats his hand away.  Nasty woman.



And my point is this – what turns a nice person into a nasty person?  At a recent dinner with friends all 3 of the formerly divorced men present had horror stories about ex wives to tell and all the current wives had stories of how the ex still exerted some control over their lives.  Of course, it’s not just exes who become nasty.  There are plenty of other nasty folk around too.  Is it disappointment with life, or just easy to be like that?  After all, our English reticence is such that we often ignore or put up with unpleasant behaviour – so maybe we are all to blame.  Next time someone is less than pleasant, let them know.  As my mother said, if you can’t say anything nice, say nothing!!!



  1. The McCartney Mills divorce is another example of how it can all turn nasty!

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