Posted by: lucylastic | May 1, 2008

This and that

In the cut and thrust of the UK rail industry, it’s good that some people still have a sense of humour. Unfortunately, it seems that I am not on the same laugh out loud wavelength, as I found the following (supposedly) funny snippet from the April issue of one of the industry’s leading machines somewhat perplexing – it is taken from no lesser a venue than the House of Commons and is in response to an undisclosed question, “My honourable friend makes some valid points, but I remind him that the inter-city express programme will result in trains that are run by electric energy or by diesel.” Sounds fair enough to me – but I am still very much the industry novice, though I have clarified my mass transit from my mainline. If you have spotted the deliberate mistake, please be so kind as to inform me.

 It’s another Bank Holiday weekend and yet again the weather forecast leaves a lot to be desired, the Swindon outlook at the moment is for very mixed conditions – cloud, sun, rain and pretty windy to boot. So, more of the same we have been having all year pretty much. Am I the only one who is thoroughly sick of it? I had a mini-break in Spain last weekend and it was beautiful – waking each morning to clear blue skies and temperatures between 25 and 30 degrees C by mid-day. I have to admit though, that I feel a tad foolish sitting in my office with a peeling nose when all around me people are huddled in jumpers and cardigans against the cold, wind and rain. It’s nowhere near the supposed 14 degrees C it was meant to reach today – I want my money back!!!

 All but the worst weather permitting, my lovely husband and I are due to meet some friends after work tomorrow for a stroll around local beauty (hmm) spot, Coate Water – we plan to walk regularly, building up to more challenging routes over the summer. Each year, Christ Church runs a number of walks for it’s intrepid Parish members and assorted familiy, friends and hangers-on – this year is no different – on Pentecost Sunday the route known as ‘beating the bounds’ – which walks the perimiter of the parish in all directions will set off in high anticipation of dry enough weather to enjoy a picnic lunch on the way and a pleasant drink in a pub garden for those flagging later in the afternoon. For the last two years, it has poured down on ‘beating the bounds’ day – so I don’t know if that means we’re likely to be 3rd time lucky this year or to expect another drenching!!! I’ll let you know.




  1. Hope the weather was OK for beating the bounds Lucy….and strange though it may sound, I’ve never been to Coate Water, not even when I lived in Eldene. Must go there oneday.

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