Posted by: lucylastic | May 23, 2008

A thing of beauty is a joy forever!

It’s been ages since I included ‘3 things’ in my Blog – a habit I picked up for a while after reading it in someone else’s and thinking it was a nice idea. A recent mention by my friend Gail in her blog –  about smelling the roses and the blossoms finally coming into their own got me thinking about the beauty that surrouns us every day and that we so often take for granted. The title of my blog today ‘a thing of beauty is a joy forever’ is a saying I have on a badge that was originally given to me by my parents for my 12th birthday, (and I am sure it would have been my mother’s choice). I am not usually a sentimental person, in fact, I am pretty ruthless when it comes to ditching the rubbish and ‘stuff’ that accumulates in any house – but I do have a little box of ‘treasures’ that I can’t quite bear to part with. In my box is my first photo album – a motley assortment of pictures of school friends, first boyfriend and my family and siblings growing up – it dates from the early 1960’s and contains some hideous crimes against fashion, not to mention a strong whiff of better times – viewed of course through rose tinted glasses.

I shan’t bore you with a full list of the contents – but interestingly, there is a picture of me, aged about 5 taken at school and I am the very image of my son Alex – or he of me – yet as a grown up, no one could ever see a likeness between us, (still can’t, he’s like his father). Also, a treasured picture of my grandparents makes me wish I had spent a bit more time with them while I still could. I absolutely adored my grandmother when I was small – she seemed so wise and patient and always found entertaining and educational things for me to do, but as I got older, she seemed to me to become mean and moany – which I am sure was much more me than her – and the appalling stage I went through between 13 and 17 where I thought life and everything in it was out to get me and acted accordingly. Yuk. I was a horrible teenager.

As always, I side-track myself – I think it’s a sign of age!

Have a lovely Bank Holiday wekend – we are off to Brighton – a new experience for me!!!!

Oh – and my 3 things for today are: Finding GENUINE Polish sausage in the local supermarket, (you really have to try it – Wiejska); Horse chestnuts in blossom, (I had this last year, but I don’t care – they always make me catch my breath) and finally, enduring friendships – worth their weight in gold.





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