Posted by: lucylastic | June 12, 2008

Bath – tourists and sausages – I know which I prefer!

I had to visit Bath the other day, on business. It’s a dreadful place I think, I really cannot understand why so many people wax so lyrical about it – what am I missing? It’s dirty, crowded, there’s absolutely nowhere to park and it’s over-priced and aimed at tourists. A colleague tried to persuade me of some of it’s charms – the Royal Crescent, ho hum – a curving row of houses – now mostly hotels and expensive B&B’s. Beauford Square – the old front door to the Theatre Royal and apparently, often used for filming as it is one of the few ‘untouched’ streets in Bath – don’t look down Mr Filmaker – or you may just spot the double yellow lines! Don’t dwell on the original Georgian window features Mr Filmaker – you may spot the very unauthentic net curtains and the glow of a TV set relentlessly broadcasting Coronation Street. And why are we all besotted with ‘period dramas’ anyway? I like Jane Austen as much as the next person and when I realised much of it was meant to be ironic, I liked it even more, (though Thomas Hardy is much better and draws much richer characters to my mind, if you can bear the impossible sadness and tragedy he loves to dwell on).

I have found only one thing I like in Bath so far – the Sausage Shop – with it’s range of ‘over 30’ flavours and recommendations from hordes of famous people – even Delia, which would normall put me off, but I have to admit, I like a suasage………….if you don’t happen to be near Bath, you can order online – check it out at as long as you don’t mind making a rather hefty, (I think) £7.50 contrution to the Postage and Packaging – on a minimum order of 5 kilos – that’s quite a lot of sausage!!!! Bring it on!!!!




  1. How bloody rude! It’s a lovely place.
    Try Schwartz Bros Burgers, there’s reason enough to go to Bath by itself.

  2. Well, if you day-trippers would stay away, us locals may actually like the place. 🙂

    I agree with Mark, Schwartz does fantastic burgers. The Bell, up the street from Schwartz, would make any proper lady (the likes of Jane Austen) blush. This is the real Bath.

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