Posted by: lucylastic | June 25, 2008

Going Fishing!!!!

I do enjoy eating fish, but the prospect of actually going out to catch fish doesn’t hold any interest for me whatsover.  I have just read an article by Hugh F-W on sustainable fishing – which makes all sorts of suggestions for tasty alternatives to threatened species like cod, monkfish and sea bass, (pollack and grayling are two good starters apparently) but also suggests that the very best way to appreciate fsh is to catch it yourself.  Now, I live quite a way from the sea for a start, have no fishing gear or tackle or stuff and am not nearly so keen on fresh water fish, (which always taste very muddy to me) – so a local lake or river is not a good alternative either – and have you any idea how much time it takes to actually catch a fish?  Judging by the hours most fishermen spend sitting on the bank, a very long time indeed.

But apparently, I am missing the point.  Catching a fish isn’t very important at all.  Getting up early, (especially in the lovely dawn light of a June 4.30am), loading the stuff into the boot of the car, (don’t do it the night before, it’ll probably get nicked) and trundling off with a flask of hot tea, a few sandwiches and some beers for mid-morning is just the start of one of the most relaxing days out possible for many a man.  Most women I know can’t see the point either, so it isn’t just me….. but the chance for rarely interrupted solitude, on the bank of a murky stream and the faint hope of catching a fish which you will THROW BACK ANYWAY – GO FIGURE – is irrestistible, (it seems – fishing is the Number 1 particpation sport in the UK).  I can only think that they are running away from something at home and that fishing isn’t really the answer.

As a fishing lake owner, you may be onto a winner though – the vast majority of fish caught get put back, (they never seem to learn) and punters are prepared to pay lots of money for a chance of dipping their rod into the water for a few hours.  If you sell refreshments and bait as well, Bob’s your proverbial uncle!  A friend of my lovely husband’s has just gone halves on a fishing lake – a well established one north of Oxford and is hoping to turn it into a nice little earner for his retirement – and he doesn’t like fishing either!!!  This seems an eminently sensible approach to me – reap the rewards without actually having to spend hours and hours sitting in a stiffening breeze with an empty line – and one I may consider when retirement looms a little closer.

I have the joys of 4 working days in Birmingham ahead of me, followed by 4 non-working days of holiday – including a birthday surprise from lovely husband – I have to admit, I am not good at surprises (or at least, not very keen on being surprised) – I am at heart a ‘do-er’ not a ‘done-to-er’ and the thought of something that I don’t konw about being planned for me is driving me crazy and making me just a tad annoyed.  What if I don’t like it?  I’m not good at keeping my opinions to myself – I will have to pretend – and I hate pretending – a real moral dilemna if no one’s feelings are to be hurt. 

I will update you in about 10 days time – until then, if anyone asks, I’ll tell them I have ‘Gone Fishing’!

Yours ungratefully!!!!





  1. All I can say Lucy is “Salmon fishing in Yemen.” Brilliant novel. If you haven’t read it, you’ll love it.

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