Posted by: lucylastic | July 18, 2008

It’s raining, it’s pouring and I’m FED UP with it!!!

One of the band from the Reading Jazz Festival.

I know we Brits have a reputation for stiff upper lips, Dunkirk spirit and plodding on regardless, but I have to admit that this grey and drizzle-sodden weather is starting to get me down. This weekend I am going to be spending an evening at the Reading Real Ale & Jazz Festival – sounds like a fabulous combination, (warm summer evenings and wonderful music according to their website) and I am sure we’ll have a good time- but I just know it won’t be quite as good as if we were basking in warm sunshine and a slow red sunset over the river. I found out just a couple of days ago that Jools Holland is starring in a ‘picnic’ event at Westonbirt this evening. And there are still tickets left. I can’t help but think that the very fact that there are tickets left for such a big name performer at this 11th hour is somehow tied up with people’s disinclination to get soaked along with their cheese and cucumber sandwiches. Sadly, the BBC weather site doesn’t offer much hope either – it’s definitely predicting rain tonight and tomorrow – apparently, the place to be is Exeter – where a colleague of mine is heading – accoring to the BBC, it’s all hot, smiley suns this weekend – too bad we don’t have tickets for an event there!!A few colleagues have urged me to go anyway, as ‘it may turn out to be lovely later’. But really, the weather experience this year to date doesn’t make this a likely scenario does it?  I cheered myself up with a purchase of a Euro Millions lottery ticket at lunchtime – it’s surely my turn to win something? If the sun suddenly does break through though, I may throw together a quick picnic and bottle of sparkly and head for the hills – we’ll see.

Have lovely weekend everyone!!!!



  1. I had similar misgivings last Sat when we went to a picnic concert. Fortunately it only rained very lightly at the start and then cleared up (the sun even came out briefly). So I’d chance it if I were you…and make sure you take some waterproof clothes!

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