Posted by: lucylastic | July 30, 2008

Slow the world down, too much is happening!

Playwright - Rebecca Lenkiewicz

Playwright - Rebecca Lenkiewicz

The poster for 'Her Naked Skin'

The poster for 'Her Naked Skin'

I think most of the people I know would say that I pack a lot into my life, I always seem to be busy, travelling for work or for pleasure, seeing lots of friends and trying to keep pace with my extended family.  So why, when I spent a few minutes reading last Sunday’s copy of the ‘Culture’ magazine from the Sunday Times did I end up feeling I am still missing out on so much?  For example, there was a review of a new play called ‘Her Naked Skin’ by Rebecca Lenkiewicz, which I had, incidentally, heard discussed on Woman’s Hour whilst on my way to a meeting – the plot, which centres on the Suffragette movement and also includes a lesbian affair as well as the gritty political drama of it’s time sounds fascinating – and the fact that it’s the first play EVER to be written by a woman which has been put on the stage at the National (Olivier) Theatre gives it a lot of cache.  At £30 a pop, tickets aren’t cheap – and that combined with an overnight stay in London starts to make it a ‘dear do’.  But I really hope I manage to get to see it – it’s only on for a few weeks.


As if missing out on the theatre wasn’t bad enough, I have to admit to not even knowing who ‘The Feeling’ are!  I was kindly invited to a concert by a friend, but have come to the conclusion that if I haven’t heard of them, then I would be better off prioritising another concert!!  I rue the day another friend offered me a free ticket to see Robbie Williams and I turned it down as being ‘for teenage girls’.  I now love Robbie’s voice, (if not some of his antics) and would give a lot to see him perform live.  Maybe one day.


After my somewhat ‘bah humbug’ post ahead of attending the Reading Real Ale & Jazz Festival, I can report that we had the most wonderful time – the sun shone, the combination of real ale, bluesy jazz, hog roast and good company was spot on – I recommend it to anyone wanting a fun night out – what a shame it’s only on once a year!  Even the train travel wasn’t too bad.


I am off to Glasgow on business – a first – as I have never visited this famous city – it’s only an overnight trip – but I’m determined to see something of the city before flying back again tomorrow!!!!!


3 things: Lovely husband – a constant delight; colleagues who are prepared to engage in a 20 minute discussion about whether a ‘scampi’ is a real fish; builders who bodge and obviously think you’re never going to look behind the wall – don’t you just love ‘em!!!!!





  1. Hello,

    This osunds like a great play and I wish the author the best of success.

    I think it is so important to keep this history alive.

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    The women depicted include two presidential mistresses, Edith Wharton, Isadora Duncan, Alice Roosevelt, and two of the most beautiful and outspoken suffragettes, Alice Paul and Emmeline Pankhurst.

    But this is no boring history report. The chronological series is written in a unique, fun short story format called Coffeebreak Readers.

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  2. Sounds a very interesting play Lucy, I must have missed that in Culture last week. You’re always welcome to stay with us for the night.

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