Posted by: lucylastic | August 26, 2008

Just too busy to blog!!!!

I have been buried deep inside various marketing plans at work for the last couple of weeks – and my blogging has suffered. Over the past days, I have planned to regale you with ‘tales of the riverbank’ and a (short) review of the lovely Caldesi in Campagna, (yes, again, they keep changing their menus and they are fabulous).

Anyway, I still don’t have loads of time, so here are the edited highlights! I’m sorry, but that’s the best I can do for now!  

Tales of the Riverbank.

Hammy Hamster (narrated by Johnny Morris)

Hammy Hamster (narrated by Johnny Morris)

I remember with great fondness from my childhood a TV children’s show entitled ‘Tales of the Riverbank’ – featuring Hammy Hamster and friends, (narrated by the incredibly talented, but truly grumpy old man, Johnny Morris – I should know, he used to live across the fields from me and once complained about how much noise we were making at a New Year’s Eve party) – I thought there may have been a water vole in it, but it turns out not to be the case – just a water rat, a frog and some other characters – check out more on Wikipedia if you need a memory jog. Anyway, lovely husband and myself recently partook in our very own ‘tales from the canalside’ and I wanted to pass it on. Firstly, would you know a vole if you saw one, did you know there were water voles and land voles? No, me neither. I still haven’t ACTUALLY seen a vole, but I have a jolly good idea of where to look for one after a little stroll along the canal in Swindon recently. Led by an enthusiastic and not too overbearing volunteer from the Parks & Rivers dept, (or whatever they are called), a Sunday afternoon stroll in search of these elusive, but sweet creatures was a delight – even though it kept threatening to rain on us all. ‘Us all’ were a very motley crew, (we were invited by friends more usually found quaffing a decent red than out in their wellies, but everyone deserves a change), a few families with children and an assortment of single walkers who had read about the event in the local paper. If I ever do see a vole for real, I’ll let you know.

Caldesi in Campagna

Enjoyed yet another excellent home-cooked and very individually styled Italian meal at the wonderful Caldesi’s in Campagna this weekend with my friend Gail and her lovely partner, J. Doubly nice as it was a last minute, unexpected invite and the food, wine and company were all on top form. A glass of Prosecco always starts an evening off well, as do big, juicy olives – plenty were available. A squid ink pasta, (black pasta – looked great on the plate) with a mix of seafood in it was a great starter – my only criticism is that it was a very generous portion. My companions went for sea-bass filled ravioli in a butter sauce, (which I know to be divine as I have tried it on a previous occasion), scallops and bacon and something that I’ve now forgotten….. Mains were veal saltimbocca, 2 x fillet steak strips with duck and a mixture of duck, pheasant and grouse (I think) from Gail. It really was very good indeed – the accompanying veg were small in portion, especially the fried potatoes – but we were all full really. The home-baked bread at the start with tangy balsamic and olive oil to dip it in goes down well too. We managed to leave enough room for desserts – semi-frddo with pistachios, 2 lots of chocolate tart – very rich and creamy and doughnut sticks with home-made custard and sauce. Limoncello and Grappa di Prosecco rounded things off nicely. Do try it if you possibly can.



  1. Very enjoyable evening at Caldesi Lucy and the food is sublime.

    I remember Tales of the Riverbank well. Must have been horrendous filming all those animals! Do you remember Pogles Wood? That was one of my favourites.

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