Posted by: lucylastic | September 26, 2008

It’s definitely Autumn………..

Yet again, time has run away with me and my good intentions to blog regularly are crumbling in the face of a heavy workload and a business trip to Berlin.  I will save Berlin for another time, I really wanted to talk about something much more important – like Strictly Come Dancing!!!!  I have to admit I am a sucker for it – I was disappointed when the line-up was announced – as it seemed to include a number of what can only be referred to as ‘slappers’ and ‘has-beens’, and believe me, those are the very best descriptions I could think of.  Maybe I’ve missed it in previous years, but I think the ‘intro’ show was a good idea – I am sure that someone realised that a lot of the so-called celebrities weren’t really that well known at all, (let’s face it, if you don’t watch soaps, you’ve had it really) and decided to do a ‘get to know you’ session – it made them seem much more real in my mind – and warmed me up considerably to some of the faces that weren’t previously known to me.  I am looking forward to tomorrow night immensely!


Am I the only one who misses the Saturday night TV of my youth?  Blind Date, The Generation Game, (Brucie or Larry, not Jim Davidson), The Comedians?  The new series ‘Merlin’ is not really my thing – but I can imagine loving it in my younger days!  And I imagine it’ll still go down pretty well with kids/teens.  Ever the optimist, I sense an improvement in mainstream TV scheduling – finally a kick-back against the endless nonsense of (cheap) reality TV.  I hope.


On a more serious note, it’s ‘Back to Church’ Sunday this coming Sunday – 28th September and I promised the Vicar I’d give it a mention!  Apparently, a recent survey (I am dubious already) conducted by the Church of England revealed that ‘over 3 million people would go to church on a Sunday – IF ONLY THEY WERE INVITED’.  Make what you will of that, but if you’d like a reminder of how uplifting church can be, why not join me and many others at Christ Church Swindon at 10.00am this Sunday – lovely home-made cakes and tea/coffee to follow!!!!  If you happen not to be in Swindon, then all C of E churches are part of this initiative, so you should be able to find one near you!!!  The CC service will be ‘under an hour’ and no communion – but lots of rousing hymns and prayers, (apparently).  Hope you can make it.


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