Posted by: lucylastic | October 3, 2008

Life, the Universe and everything!

I was discussing the nature of time the other day and why it is that it goes so much faster the older we get – the theory I heard was essentially based on percentages – when young, a day, week or month is still a relatively large proportion of one’s life experience; but the older one gets, the smaller percentage it is and it’s passing is therefore much quicker. Now that’s all well and good, but doesn’t learning count for anything? Surely, as adults, we KNOW what a week feels like, we know the amount that can be packed in – and there are still days now which seem to last forever, while some pass by in a flash. There seem to be more Friday’s in my life than there used to be – which is great, as they are my favourite day of the week – but I am left wondering about where all the other days can have gone!!!

One thing guaranteed to soak up free time and cause last minute panics is starting any sort of academic course with homework, assignments and deadlines – but I have nevertheless signed up to attend a 2 year course called ‘Equipping God’s People’, (EGP). It’s primary aim is to train people who want to become Lay Ministers (or Readers, as they are sometimes known), though it is also recommended for anyone wanting to increase their knowledge of Theology. My goal is to feel better equipped when I am out Street Pastoring – our ministry isn’t about Evangelism, but I do sometimes wish I had a better grasp of things Biblical and Theological to address the questions and discussions that are most frequently posed by the people we speak to – and those are – ‘If there’s a God, why do bad things happen to good people’ and ‘I don’t believe in God, but I do think there’s something out there………….’ Of course, the added barrier in these conversations is the amount of alcohol, (consumed by the punters, not by the Street Pastors), which sometimes renders logical discussion difficult, to say the least.

Changing the subject completely, I caught a short part of ‘Desert Island Discs’ with Miriam Margolyes on the radio, I have always considered her a great actress, but didn’t realise just what a pedigree she has. From films as diverse as Ladies in Lavender, Harry Potter, End of Days and Romeo and Juliet to TV appearances in Fall of the House of Windsor, The Comic Strip presents….. and Blackadder, her distinctive voice and impeccable timing have entertained millions. I was initially saddened somewhat to hear her say that ‘she wasn’t the daughter her parents should have had’, but as I thought on that some more I concluded that none of us are probably the sons and daughters our parents should have had, (or certainly not very many of us). It took a long time for it to dawn on me that I may have been a disappointment to my parents in any way at all, but after that realisation hit me, I started looking at life differently. All parents have hopes for their children – it’s only natural – but it’s how we adjust to the reality of our children’s lives that tests our mettle as individuals. It’s not easy, but we have to keep trying.

Enough of the introspection I think. have a good weekend one and all!!!!


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